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Work with me ONLINE

Your transformation works online. You don't need to be there, but of course you can.

Your transformation works over a period of time. That's why I work with you 1-to-1 in programs from 2-12 months.

All programs are based on one-on-one guidance by me - except the retreat in Dominica. Here a small group meets for supportive group work.


Work with me locally

Your transformation works in the high energy of the relaxing tropical climate and the deep healing energy of the rainforest efficiently.

Aquatic Self Sense Transformation works if you want to heal at the deepest possible level your earliest traumas and relax your system for the long term.

This work is basic and opens all doors into your subconscious.


How do you want to entry?

In 8 online-weeks transforming your blocking patterns into pure life energy

In 3 online months releasing your true essence and clarifying your natural mission

Create your path to fulfilling
self-employment in 6 online months.

Bring your true mission into an economically viable existence in 12 online months

Create your fulfilling life path in the most effective vacation and heal your blocks in the Caribbean retreat

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These recognized methods & energetic

natural healing methods support your transformation deeply effective

Systemic point of view

The systemic view is directed at energetic entanglements with the family and its generations as well as the immediate environment. It helps to gently release resulting emotional blockages in a natural way. It lets you understand more deeply.

Somatic accompaniment

In the somatic approach you mindfully release emotional baggage from e.g. traumatic and other difficult developmental history. You feel finely and precisely how you release the tightness and heaviness and enter into joy and lightness. This work works through your fine sense of awareness in great mindfulness.

Conscious perception

Consciously perceiving, communicating, resonating, and feeling is guiding in the retreat. Your true nature guides you through this process. For this you may always trust it. The process is supported by deep relaxation of your body system, which is additionally achieved through exercises in nature.


The warm water reminds your system of the amnion. You find your breathing rhythm safely and securely. Because your natural diving reflex in water is activated, your body switches into economy mode. You relax immediately. In this sensitive space, blocked emotions are being released gently and efficiently.


In a tropical, particularly natural environment, your system opens up automatically. Blocked emotions can more easily enter your consciousness, where you can process them fluidly. The lush nature connects you with natural abundance and your true self. You recognize yourself over time.

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