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"Words really cannot describe in whole what I experienced during my water session… Enlightening, yet uplifting and comforting experience.
Subsequent days were somewhat interesting with dreams, feelings and attitudes of all kinds.  Since being back I have felt better than I have in a very long time.  Questions, thoughts or concerns are being answered by channeling through my healer.  Thank you Marianne!  I will  see you soon with many more individuals that need their way found again...." 

Natascha, 42, über Aquatic Flow

"In the water I could eventually relax and felt very comfortable. To be held and carried like weightless, did really good to me. Also with the moves underwater I felt well carried and secure."

Cornelia, 38, about Aquatic Flow

"It was a unique and very positive experience and after 1.5 hours in the water with Marianne, I knew that this is something I would like to do again....!"

Larissa, 48, about Aquatic Flow

"...Once we started the session and hearing the water flowing along my body, I immediatley was in my moms womb. I saw my mom travelling to Japan (I was born there ....) with me in her womb. I had moments of imagining myself a seagras, waving in the current back and forth. Then I was a siren. Besides the colourful pictures in my head, I liked the combination of stretching, breathing and smooth movements in the water. It's great to release the body tension and let Marianne and the water do their work. I had the feeling that my muscles and joints could relax again and that all these were falling back into place ..." 

Larissa, 48, about Aquatic Flow

"...I was also positively surprised what movements of the body can be done without any problems. I believe by doing the water sessions more often I would be able to breathe more deeply. Thanks to Marianne I discovered a new method to relax and to let go in an environment I like to be: water. Mariannes work and guidance is wonderful...."

Larissa, 48, about Aquatic Flow

"The triggering and stretching of my muscles I sensed as pretty pleasant. Through the being pulled and carried moves during relaxation, several blockages in my spine could get released and my range of motion in my spine significantly improved. As well my wrists and the lower arm muscles get released and now feel much more free than before..."

Cornelia, 38, about Aquatic Flow

"Mentally I am way happier and more satisfied as well as easy going. This Aquatic Flow session today was exactly the right thing for me. I have not even realized, how tired and tensed I was before. Within my hectic and stressful daily life today, I really could switch of my mind and shut down. Thank you very much for this wonderful experience."

Cornelia, 38, about Aquatic Flow

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