Live the Magic of Life - from Trauma to Dream Life


Step out of your trauma patterns and determine yourself how you live

Seminar "Magic of Life":

Be free and happy and make the most of all your possibilities!

Do you want that too?

But something holds you back. It has always held you back and still does.

You just can't get your full strength and you don't dare to come out?

You dream of a completely different life and you can't get to realize your dream?

You want to be seen, heard and felt and still prefer to stay in your shell?

Do not make it so difficult for yourself anymore!

What you have been trying to do on your own for so long, you can now achieve directly with the help of the "Live the Magic of Life" seminar.

Let go of your patterns mindfully and realize your path

Your Seminar "Live the Magic of Life"

This seminar is unique!

The seminar reveals, feels, relieves, transforms, liberates and makes you happy:

  • You connect with yourself again
  • You learn to perceive yourself completely
  • You learn about feeling to understand how you really feel.
  • You learn to explore, recognize and accept your truths.
  • You give space to the needs of your early life, which you had to suppress as a child, and free them.
  • You gently dissolve blocked emotions and learn to integrate the released energy into your body as your pure life force.
  • You perceive the world brighter and friendlier and recognize your very own way and your task in it.

Who is the seminar for?

For you, if you answer at least 1 question with yes:

Do you want to be able to feel deep joy every day?

Do you want to feel ease?

Do you want to feel full life energy?

Do you want to improve your life fundamentally?

Do you want to learn how to transform your emotional load yourself and let go of pain forever?

Do you want to live your purpose and build your dream life?

Do you want to free yourself from life's constricting situations?

Then this seminar is for you.

Experience the magic of life & heal your trauma blockages


The Seminar: Live the magic of life



The general conditions:

3 full days for 10-20 participants
1 full day with 4-6 participants

Friday: 9:30-18 o'clock
Saturday: 10-18 o'clock
Sunday: 10-17 o'clock




Lindau at Lake Constance, Bavaria

In 3 days we will dedicate ourselves in the group of participants to the concerns of all. Everyone has the opportunity to look at his or her current main life topic and to transform the part that is revealed within the seminar.

In a mindful atmosphere and with strong resonance energy from the group, you will transform your topics both in your time of presence and during the time another participant clarifies his or her concerns.

With the internationally recognized method of Somatic Experience, the seminar achieves immediate success for each participant through:

  • Mindfulness
  • Awareness
  • Presence
  • Resonance
  • the natural connection of the group
  • professional guidance through the transformation process

*All details about the seminar, the venue, accommodation, transport, if applicable, will be sent to you with your binding booking.

"Words really cannot describe in whole what I experienced during my session. Enlightening, yet uplifting and comforting experience. #

Since my return I feel better than I have felt in a long time. Thank you very much, Marianne! We will see you soon with many more people who have to find their way again... ."

Natasha, 42, in Dominica W.I.

What you get:

You will get:

Your most effective exit from limiting behavior patterns and painful emotional blockages in


  • 3 days seminar with 6-20 participants
  • with deep understanding for your personal development
  • with experience of how you can transform emotional pain yourself
  • with many positive surprises that will change your self-perception in a positive way
  • with much love for yourself, your way and the way of the other participants

You will also get:

  • vegetarian snacks during the breaks
  • a community with like-minded people
  • further literature
  • tips and exercises for home
  • a beautiful natural environment

Your investment (3 days): 687 € plus VAT
Your investment (1 day): 237 € plus VAT

*All details about the seminar, the venue, accommodation, transport, if applicable, will be sent to you with your binding booking.


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