Realize your soul mission & create your fulfilled dream life from full natural power and your divine contribution


Realize your soul path in the SelfSeT THRIVE

You have an idea of your true soul mission & your contribution and want to become completely clear about it?

You feel your call, a lot of energy inside you, waiting to be released?

You want to fully develop your boundless divine potential?

You want to clarify which people you should support with your unique essence?

You want to finally start your fulfilling life and finally fulfill the mission of your true self?

You want to live pure, goal-oriented and finally without compromise?

Then choose now your strategic accompaniment into the realization of your essential mission and your special positioning of your life!

Unleash your full power and grow into your divine position in a high-quality and challenging coaching accompaniment over a whole year.

Grow into your natural mission and connect with the people you were born to serve!

Prepare the way for your target group by building up your soul business now and accompany them into their great task for this new time.

Clarify now if you are ready for this 12 month program:

On the true path of your essence you create the world you want to live in tomorrow

Self Sense Transformation Thrive


Mindful and determined to the SelfSeT Thrive

The Self Sense Transformation Thrive program brings everything you have worked out and clarified in the Self Sense Transformation Flow program to the street.

You translate your essential purpose into concrete concepts, products and offers for your very own target group!

You learn how to develop and implement your Soul Strategy individually from within yourself.

You continuously realize YOURSELF:

  • You develop your positioning!
  • You constantly clarify your desired target group!
  • You clear limiting patterns out of the way!
  • You grow in self-confidence!
  • You strengthen your self-confidence, self-worth and self-image!
  • You take your natural place in the world!
  • You deepen your emotional fitness and courageously clear every blockage yourself!

In SelfSeT Thrive, you put your greatness into action. 

Get started now in the pathfinder conversation:

You were born for greatness - fulfill your special mission now

Self Sense Transformation Thrive

The SelfSeT Thrive

In 12 intensive months you refine your soul mission, position yourself clearly for your special target group.

You learn how to release blocked life energy more and more easily and how to stop believing your fears.

Instead, you learn to consistently go your own way, to implement your soul business and not to let anything hold you back. 

You experience fulfillment from day one and the deep joy of growing more and more into your true and infinite greatness and perceiving yourself as a magnificent divine being with endless power and implementation strength.

What you achieve:

  • Deep joy of heart and gratitude for your essential life.
  • Realization of your connection to the whole and your endless reach
  • Self positioning & positioning of the soulbusiness
  • Ways, strategies and possibilities to build your soulbusiness according to the new time.
  • Building yourself out of yourself and thus always being connected to your essence
  • Concrete development of suitable offers for your target group
  • Ways to reach and address your target audience
  • Growth in even more self-worth by clarifying your important task in the new time
  • Effective mindfulness work, with which you consciously transform blocking things
  • Healing of entanglements with family, ancestors and other toxic connections that still control you unconsciously
  • Awareness of your natural power, your gifts and abilities, and the reasons for your life path so far
  • Deep loving connection to yourself and your path

The SelfSeT Thrive program we realize within 12 months:

  • 25 exclusive SelfSeT Guidances that further refine your self-awareness, release blocked energies & deepen your soul mission.
  • 25 Strategy Coaching sessions for soul business positioning, developing unique products and offers to clients, communication to clients
  • 12 alignment mentoring sessions
  • 12 SelfSeT Guidances to release blockages
  • 25 weekly soul entrepreneur awareness tasks for daily realization
  • 25 weekly tasks for the implementation of your soulbusiness strategy
  • 12 intensive SelfSeT meditations to refine and strengthen your soul purpose
  • 1 accompanying journal with questions and tasks to internalize your process cognitively as well
  • email mentoring flat

Are you ready?

Are you ready to be involved with your essential mission for the new age on earth?

Are you ready to be there for your very own target group and accompany them into their full power -
giving them the space they need to grow into their essential role?

Then join this high quality and effective coaching program Self Sense Transformation Thrive that will guide you into your most fulfilling life in 12 months and walk you through your hurdles and successes.

Take it as a solid foundation into your secure fulfilling future and book your pathfinder call to the next level now:

Inspire your target group and create the new world

Self Sense Transformation Thrive

For your transformation, recognized energetic natural healing methods are at your side, which have been perfected in the Self Sense Transformation

Systemic view

The systemic view is directed at energetic entanglements with the family and its generations as well as with the immediate environment. It helps to gently release resulting emotional blockages in a natural way. It lets you understand more deeply.

Somatic attendance

In the somatic approach you mindfully release emotional baggage from e.g. traumatic and other difficult developmental history. You feel finely and precisely how you release the tightness and heaviness and enter into joy and lightness. This work works through your fine sense of awareness in great mindfulness.

Conscious perception

Consciously perceiving, communicating, resonating, and feeling is leading the way in the retreat. Your true nature guides you through this process. For this you may always trust it. The process is supported by deep relaxation of your body system, which is additionally achieved through exercises in nature.

"Words really cannot fully describe what I experienced during my session. An enlightening, yet uplifting and comforting experience. Since returning, I have felt better than I have in a long time.

Any questions, thoughts or concerns were answered by my healer. Thank you so much Marianne! We will soon be meeting with many more people who need to find their way again."

Natasha, 42, über Self Sense Transformation

Do you want to realize your deeply effective soul life now?
Then join the online SelfSeT Thrive program!