Pave your own path to your true dream life with your unique soul mission

SelfSeT Soul

Unlock your soul mission with SelfSeT Soul

You feel that you are made for greater things and want to have cleared exactly that?

You want to transform your inner restlessness into knowledge, power and purpose?

You want nothing more than complete clarity so that you know where your journey is going?

Then go for it and find out what you are made for!

Take effective coaching guidance that resonates with you to get in touch with your essence. Go into a constant exchange and find answers to your questions. Let yourself also be lovingly challenged, so that you really discover your great soul mission and also trust yourself to implement it!

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Self Sense Transformation Soul


Step by step in the SelfSeT Soul

Your desire is so great - to contribute to the world with all what you are.

Your feeling is so loud - to position yourself with your soul and inspire with your whole being.

The Self Sense Transformation Soul program shovels your inside free and you see clearly what you are here to be and do!

You feel who you really are:

You find your mission!
Your restlessness changes into confidence!
You arrive at yourself!
You feel confidence and traction!
You get to know and love yourself!
You learn to be amazed about yourself!
You are ready to pay the price of change!

In SelfSeT Soul, you become your true self. 

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With the secure feeling of really being yourself you can only create great things

Self Sense Transformation Soul

SelfSeT Soul

In 3 intense months you will release blocked life energy, discover your soul mission and realize your full greatness with which you will inspire others.

What you will achieve:

  • connection with yourself, your essence

  • a loving awareness of yourself, your background and your helpful experiences on the way to your greatness

  • self-awareness, self-confidence, self-worth, self-connection

  • the transformation of fear and restraint into powerful life energy

  • contact with your soul

  • releasing the energy of your full greatness and creativity

  • developing a wonderful, actionable sense of self

  • experience of how you are always evolving your change

  • effective mindfulness work with which you consciously transform into lightness

  • insights into your energetic entanglements with family and ancestors that unconsciously control you, their origins and how you can sustainably release them.

  • effectively learn and experience how you can mindfully release your blocked energies yourself and use them for your development

The SelfSeT Soul program
we realize in 3 months:

  • 12 exclusive SelfSeT Guidances that revolutionize your self-awareness,
  • release blocked energies & align you with your soul mission.
  • 3 mindful Guidances into a microfine perception
  • 3 reflection mentoring sessions
  • 12 weekly tasks for daily implementation
  • 3 intensive SelfSeT meditations to clarify your soul mission
  • 1 accompanying diary with questions and tasks to internalize your process cognitively as well
  • email mentoring flat

Are you ready?

Ready to position yourself as the great soul on earth you are?

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Let your powerful essence guide you and inspire others to do the same

Self Sense Transformation Soul

For your transformation here are recognized methods & energetic natural healing methods at your side

Systemic point of view

The systemic view is directed at energetic entanglements with the family and its generations as well as with the immediate environment. It helps to gently release resulting emotional blockages in a natural way. It lets you understand more deeply.

Somatic attendance

In the somatic approach you mindfully release emotional load from e.g. traumatic and other difficult developmental history. You feel finely and precisely how you release the tightness and heaviness and enter into joy and lightness. This work works through your fine sense of awareness in great mindfulness.

Conscious perception

Consciously perceiving, communicating, resonating, and feeling is leading the way in the program. Your true nature guides you through this process. For this you may always trust it. The process is supported by deep relaxation of your body system, which is additionally achieved through exercises in nature.

"Worte können wirklich nicht vollständig beschreiben, was ich während meiner Sitzung erlebt habe. Eine erleuchtende, aber dennoch erhebende und tröstende Erfahrung. Seit meiner Rückkehr fühle ich mich so gut wie schon lange nicht mehr.

Fragen, Gedanken oder Bedenken wurden durch meinen Heiler beantwortet. Vielen Dank, Marianne! Wir werden uns bald mit vielen weiteren Menschen treffen, die ihren Weg wiederfinden müssen."

Natasha, 42, über Self Sense Transformation

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