Experience a gentle revolution of your senses & connect with your essence in nature paradise Dominica

Self Sense Transformation Retreat in Dominica, W.I.

It will be your most beautiful dream vacation ever, because it will lead you on your natural soul path into your absolute dream life

The Retreat Self Sense Transformation:

We work on your desired goal and pave your way there: Efficiently and gently you dissolve your blocked emotions and behavior patterns, so that you gain a positive perception and enable your energetic creative power to unfold at all.

You will get:

  • The most wonderful revolution of your senses!
  • Your most natural transformation to your true self!
  • The entire well-being package directly in paradise!
  • Deep heart joy and gratitude for the natural life!
How SelfSeT connects you to your essence:
  • with most wonderful connection to your true self!
  • through that you really feel yourself & can feel good in yourself all around!
  • through the contact to your soul path!
  • with clarity about yourself and your issues!
  • with the resolution of your hindering stumbling blocks!
  • through time & space to be with yourself and in nature - with your true nature!
  • through wonderful deep relaxation!
  • through professional guidance at any time during the whole retreat!
  • through the magic of tropical nature and its treasures!
  • in an exclusive small group of up to 15 participants!
  • through the healing power of warm springs & tropical nature!
  • through spiritually connected hikes in the lush rainforest!
  • through tranquility, mindfulness and a lot of heartfelt joy like fun!
  • last but not least through healthy cuisine and pure spring water to drink!

Gently uncover your very own power in your nature and recognize the path of your true essence

The full SelfSeT Retreat

Finding your true essence in the tropics

Dominica is "the island where everyone finds himself" (so their inhabitants). 

Cozy 28-32 ° C, lush rainforest, the Caribbean Sea as well as
365 springs, rivers and waterfalls 
with fresh spring drinking water and warm sulphur and mineral-rich natural pools provide the best conditions for your transformation in paradise.

Creating your path in SelfSeT Guidance

Create your true heart's path away from home. In the unique Caribbean natural paradise of Dominica!

In the retreat you dedicate yourself to the voice of your heart.
The voice prepares your way to fulfillment. 

Unfolding ease in the SelfSeT Aquatic

Weightlessly experience yourself in warm water. 

Completely relaxed you are carried and slowly moved. Blocking emotions turn into new positive experiences. 

Warm mineral spring water in Dominica and its lush rainforest naturally support your healing transformation.

In the energy rich tropics you dive into your true self to release your unique essence & finally launch into your unique dream life

You in this retreat:

In this 10 day SelfSeT retreat you are far away from mass tourism. You will discover yourself anew at the insider tip Dominica, West Indies!

Quietly located on the west coast, you will stay in a room with a veranda overlooking the sea, garden, pool and unbelievably beautiful sunsets!

These unique 10 days at SelfSeT Retreat provide you with local, healthy culinary fare, spring water, accommodations and transportation!

You get to completely dedicate yourself to your transformation and simply enjoy!

This retreat gently and effectively revolutionizes your senses!

Is the retreat for you?

It is for you because you want to transform into a true life completely from yourself.

It is for you because you want to live completely fulfilled from yourself and free to be self-determined and in ease.

It is for you when you want to give yourself all the space, trust yourself fully and finally allow yourself to be your true self and walk your soul path.

It is for you if you want to put an end to exhaustion, dissatisfaction, inner turmoil, distractions and fears,

It is for you to go for yourself NOW!

At the retreat you will achieve:

  • to unfold your creative power
  • connect with yourself
  • to simply be in true being
  • your desired goal
  • clarity about your true essence path
  • clear ideas for your next steps.

You feel:

  • grateful from the heart!
  • deeply inspired!
  • enthusiastically alive!
  • liberated and inspired!
  • energized!
  • in deep peace with yourself!
  • connected with your true path!

Experience the magic of being connected & suddenly clear with your natural essence

Self Sense Transformation Retreat

Self Sense Transformation Retreat
The full program

Dates 2022 coming soon


Retreat: 2022

The accommodation will be available with 2 additional nights before and after the retreat for you. The 4 additional nights are not included in the retreat invest.

Closing date for bookings: latest until 31 days before the beginning of your accommodation reservation.



In 10 days on the nature island Dominica you dedicate yourself to your true desire and your soul path that leads you to your dream life.

All your deep doubts, disappointments, inner heaviness and dissatisfaction as well as fears and painful experiences you transform into the opposite.

In the exclusive group, time alone, energetic healing work and guidance in the endless natural resources of Dominica, you release your true self and say goodbye to your negative states.

Your resources:

  • Mindfulness and energy healing
  • Healing experience in natural hot pools
  • Reflective rainforest hikes
  • Truthful group transformation
  • Accompanying retreat diary
  • Yoga in nature
  • Vegetarian diet & natural spring drinking water

    * You will receive all details about the retreat,  accommodation, transportation, program and procedures when you make your binding booking.

    Experience the magic of your true life & start the dream life you have dreamed of for so long

    Self Sense Transformation Retreat

    "Words really cannot fully describe what I experienced during my application. It was an enlightening, yet uplifting and soothing experience."

    Natasha, 42, in Dominica W.I.

    The retreat at a glance

    Your most effective dream vacation

    • 10 nights in an ocean view room with bath, pool, sunset view, meals/snacks.
    • excursions to the best places of the legendary nature island
    • all transfers

    The program:

    • Mindfulness and energy healing
    • Healing experience in warm natural pools
    • Reflective rainforest walking
    • Truthful group transformation
    • Accompanying retreat diary
    • Yoga in nature
    • Vegetarian diet & natural spring drinking water

    Your benefits:

    • Connection to your truest self
    • Clarity about the path that is truly yours
    • certainty about your path through feeling awareness
    • powerful life energy
    • deep inner peace
    • the good feeling of being yourself
    • the feeling of happiness to be at the right place at the right time
    • Are you ready to transform yourself?

    Are you ready to dive into your deep and beautiful transformation?

    Are you ready to live your dream? 

    Then join your free starter talk now:

    Experience your magic in Dominica and book the most effective dream vacation ever - one that truly sets you on your unique life path!