Live the Magic of Life - from Trauma into your Dream Life

Retreat Magic of Life in Dominica, W.I.

Experience one of your most effective dream vacation ever: Live the Magic of Life!
A journey to yourself, where you start your true and deeply fulfilled life


Retreat "Live the Magic of life"
in paradise Dominica:

Experience your most effective holiday ever!

You get:

  • Time & space to be!
  • Solutions for hindering "stumbling blocks"!
  • Clarity about your issues!
  • Deep relaxation!
  • Professional support in: coaching, aquatic flow, somatic & systemic coaching, yoga, methods for doing yourself
  • Exclusive group up to 8 participants!
  • Healing powers of water & nature!
  • Hiking in the vital rainforest!
  • Tranquility, mindfulness and fun!

Find your true motives and attentively breaking new ground in your rhythm 


Unfolding lightness in the Aquatic Flow

Weightlessly experience yourself in warm water. 

Completely relaxed you are carried and slowly moved. Blocking emotions turn into new positive experiences. 

Warm mineral spring water in Dominica and its lush rainforest naturally support your healing transformation.

Creating your path in coaching

Create your true heart's path away from home. In the unique Caribbean natural paradise of Dominica!

In the retreat you dedicate yourself to the voice of your heart.
The voice prepares your way to fulfillment. 

Finding your true essence in the tropics

Dominica is "the island where everyone finds himself" (so their inhabitants). 

Cozy 28-32 ° C, lush rainforest, the Caribbean Sea as well as
365 springs, rivers and waterfalls 
with fresh spring drinking water and warm sulphur and mineral-rich natural pools provide the best conditions for your transformation in paradise.

In energy-rich tropics, you dive into your true self to release your unique essence & to finally start
your unique dream life

In this 10-day retreat you are far away from mass tourism. You rediscover yourself in the insider tip Dominica! 

Quietly in the countryside, you share a cottage / apartment with kitchen and bathroom. All transports on the island are taken care of.

After the retreat you will have:

  • your creative power unfolding
  • a vision for the true direction in your life
  • clear ideas for your next steps.

You will feel: 

  • liberated and inspired
  • full of energy
  • highly motivated to consistently go your way to inner fulfillment!

Who is the retreat for?

It's for you, as you desire to transform into a life like in paradise - in where you live freely, self-determined and in ease as well as deeply fulfilled.

In this retreat you will reach out to your true powerful self to connect with your true path of your natural calling.

Live the Magic of Life


The full program

“Live the Magic of Life” Vital

When will the retreat VITAL take place?



2021 your accommodation will be available for you with 4 additional nights. Final booking date: 2021

In 10 days on the natural island of Dominica you will dedicate yourself to the vision of your dream life and how to realize it.

Obstructive beliefs and experiences, blocking emotions and attitudes are gradually dissolved.

In group workshops, time for you alone, energetic healing and coaching, aquatic flow, and healing stays in the infinite water resources of Dominica, you will create your unique path.

How we will spend the time:

  • Mindfulness trainings
  • Systemic coaching
  • Aquatic Flow healing treatments
  • Bathing in natural pools
  • Reflective hiking in the jungle
  • Profile sharpening in the team
  • Accompanying work diary
  • Yoga on the beach and in the rainforest
  • vegetarian food & natural drinking water

* You will receive all details about the retreat,  accommodation, transportation, program and procedures when you make your binding booking.

Experience the magic of life and create the life you are dreaming of for so long


"Words really cannot describe in whole what I experienced during my water session. Enlightening, yet uplifting and comforting experience."

Natasha, 42, about the Experience in Dominica

What does the
retreat VITAL cost?

You will get:

Your most effective holiday on the island, where you find yourself, offering you:

  • 10 days/nights in a 2-bed cottage or apartment with own kitchen & bath
  • Vegetarian food during the retreat
  • 2 sunset dinners on the beach
  • Excursions to the best places of the legendary Nature Island
  • Airport / ferry transfers

The program:

  • Workshops and coaching
  • Mindfulness and protected environment
  • Aquatic bodywork
  • Accompanying work diary jungle hikes
  • Yoga
  • Fresh spring drinking water

You will also get:

  • Connection to your true self
  • Clarity about the path that is really yours
  • Concrete steps for implementation
  • Return your full life energy
  • Your motives to create your life self-determined
  • The power to start now!

You invest: 5,885.00 € plus VAT

* You will receive all details about the retreat,  accommodation, transportation, program and procedures when you book.

For further questions, just come to the free preliminary talk:

Vital like water & nature,

fully in your power you

reinvent yourself!

Be there:

Live the magic of life!

Experience the magic of Dominica and book the most effective dream vacation ever that truly takes you to your unique life path

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