Purpose of Being

In Purpose of Being find your true core and learn how to create a sustainable business life from your uniqueness that allows you to live in freedom, joy and fulfillment without fear of sleepless nights.

Program start: May 2, 2023

Do you want to be clearly connected with yourself and build a free life according to your true nature?

Do you want to exchange your meaningless job for your soul business? In this program you will prepare your soul business storm-proof!

In Purpose of Being, you'll uncover your talents, gifts, purpose, abilities and unique being so that you're clear on how to build a sustainable, deeply fulfilling business from it!


Everything is already inside you

Are these or similar hurdles yours?


You don't know how to build a free life according to your wishes, from which you can also live well?


You are not sure what talents you have in you and how to turn them into a soul business that really helps other people, because you are unclear with which topics you should support?


You are afraid that leaving your job will backfire, the money you saved will be gone and nothing new will come in and you will have to go back into the job trap and be even worse off than before

Imagine . . .

. . . you feel your essence, your true being, and its guidance towards certain places, things, actions, which you calmly follow, because you are 100% sure that this guidance is for your best!

. . . you suddenly realize this huge treasure of talents, gifts and experiences within you, which you carry for whole specific people, and which helps them with their worries and fears and only you can help these people!

. . . you suddenly see clearly how your soulbusiness can look like and how you can build it up, because you finally understand why you made your experiences and with whom you have to share them, so that these beings can learn from you!

. . . you feel more and more your true self and perceive which next steps to take, because your inner self sends you natural impulses that further shape your true path, because you safely follow them and implement them!

ou want to live freely, do what you want, inspire others and build your desired income?

Then sign up now for Purpose of Being!

In the Purpose of Being program you will learn how to step by step get out of your insecurity and ambiguity about how to move something in the right direction. You want to get out of the job-salary-trap and earn your money with what you are and what you love to do. 

This program reveals what that is and lets you see how your passions naturally merge in a sunny way, so that everything that suits you becomes your beloved soul business!

You'll walk a path out of the question mark and into this unstoppable pull that will take you to your very own destination!

Trust yourself


I am Marianne, your guide into your free & self-determined life that inspires others.

When I began my journey to myself, I felt disoriented, small, unappreciated, full of fear, defensive, and always pushing boundaries.

At the same time, I wanted most to retreat and have time to myself in peace. There was chaos inside me. I had no idea who I was and what I was here for.

Unsure through and through what I should do, I took the professional path that "people just took". After my training, first jobs, later communications studies and activities in international corporations, I had been working according to other people's rules for too long. I just wanted to get out!

Because I was so disconnected from myself, I was constantly experiencing drama and failure in all aspects of life. Then I drew the line and decided: I wanted to enjoy my life from now on and discover what was in my path.

So I left my job, started my own business and moved to the Caribbean to do online marketing for my first clients and to train as a diving instructor. Diving was something I always wanted to do and I fulfilled that by becoming a freediving instructor in 2012.

During this incredible adventurous time underwater, my true nature slowly unfolded. Slowly I began to realize my purpose as a soul in this life. Under water I was finally able to connect to my essence and thus found more and more to myself.

"Wonderful I found your attention that was to be felt over the entire program. Even when I hung again and again came the appropriate email that has made me awake again and made me think. The video lessons were a wonderful experience. I felt just as safe and held as I did during the Aquatic Flow.

It was a very pleasant treatment and compared to other therapies, quick results were felt. I was able to release very old patterns. With a lot of sensitivity and genuine compassion on your part, I felt well taken care of."

C.B. aus Berlin

"Words really cannot fully describe what I experienced during my session. An enlightening, yet uplifting and comforting experience.

Since my return, I feel better than I have in a long time. Thank you so much Marianne! See you soon with many more people who need to find their way again.... ."

Natasha, 42, Dominica W.I.

"I discovered that I didn't know how to use my connection to my feeling and so I learned to make decisions from my heart/feeling, which gives me a lot of confidence and ease.

I have discovered the causes of my old behavior patterns and can now intervene before I fall into them. I also got to know myself even more and know what is important to me in life and see my path more clearly before me. I am even more honest and direct than before, which brings more clarity on all sides.

I have achieved my breakthroughs because I have learned to listen to myself and to see where which Walter needs my attention. Also by listening to my inner self (feeling/heart), taking more time for myself and meditations, and through routines and constantly connecting with myself."

Walter, 40, Bulgarien

from these intense experiences i have recognized and discovered my soul mission, ....

... that I not only wanted to share the healing power of water with the world. Later I realized that I should support wonderful people like you to connect with your essence and to walk the true path of your being.

After a groundbreaking psychic experience under water I had clarity. This was immediately followed by several years of coaching, water, energy and trauma healing trainings. Then 3 years ago I developed my own water healing and self guidance coaching & mentoring line Self Sense Transformation.

All my experiences, insights and knowledge you get today on the one hand in my coaching & mentoring programs. On the other hand, a year ago I launched the holistic Self Leadership Coach & Mentor training.

My vision is to bring as many people into truthfulness and freedom as I can, so that together we can transform this earth back into the paradise it inherently is. I do what it takes for us humans to reconnect, to be loving with each other and with nature, so that all of life on Earth can thrive in harmony and freedom.

With my video course Awaken to Being, I am putting my key to life into your hands. This course is the basis for your true life according to your true nature.

With this foundation you will also finally get out of ambiguity, stuckness, helplessness and deep worries, stress and inner chaos. With this foundation you are able to create the worth living existence you are dreaming of now: Free, happy, healthy, meaningful & and impactful for others and life - thus deeply fulfilled.

With Awaken to Being I have laid the foundation for your new life. Will you accept it?

This awaits you in

Purpose of Being


In Purpose of Being you find out all about yourself, what you can build a unique Soulbusiness out of and on. fall back.

Module by module you build on each other and from week to week you gain more and deeper clarity about who you are, what you can do, what you are here for and who you are supporting with your mentoring.

You internalize even more how to uncover and meaningfully engage your true qualities so that you make your life an attitude of freedom and fulfillment with self-determined income generation.


von A

The endless search for your true direction: "I just can't find what I really want to do in life - I can't get there - and that I can also live so well on that I don't have constant money worries anymore!"

I just know I'm unclear, I don't feel aligned with something I like to implement. I haven't found that yet!

First of all, I want to get out of this stressful everyday life, where one thing after another always has to be done and I plop down tired on the couch in the evening!

I no longer want to sit there pointlessly and helplessly and have no idea how to change it, but I want a clear direction and know what I'm here for and what I'm capable of!


nach B

Finally I know my soul path, my task and understand why I have to go this way!

My past is the greatest gift, because it is exactly the experiences from which others gratefully learn and why I can teach them that they can do it too!

I see clearly who I am and what I have to do now! What talents and gifts I have and what other skills were lying dormant in me, I have now clearly in mind that I want to start immediately and build my soul business! I am bubbling over with ideas and I know that they belong to me!

Now I start my soul business and I know exactly how, what and for whom! Nothing stops me anymore!

These are the contents of

Purpose of Being

Modul 1

True Being and Uniqueness

Modul 2

Deepening Gifts and Skills

Modul 3

Putting Puzzle Parts together

Modul 4

Energy boost and clarity

Modul 5

Recognize your true mission

Modul 6

Self positioning & Soul business

Bonus Modul

incl. Awaken to Being –

Video Course (val $750)

Become part of

Purpose of Being

(6 months)!

In Purpose of Being your very own path according to your nature and heart's desires awaits you!

The online program is for you if you are . . .


wonder how to build your soul business now, for which you lack concrete ideas and for which you lack the confidence that you can really do it!


want to determine yourself how your life should go and feel really happy, because you realize your choice is your choice and does not follow the expectations of others!


desperately want to find out what you do best and what gifts you have that you can use for the benefit of others, so you can build a free lifestyle on your own feet!


somehow you always feel unsure how to proceed because you don't know why no job fits and you become more and more dissatisfied in your search!


tired of falling back into comfortable habits where you don't have to think about what to do next!


are already self-employed, but somehow realize that your business focus doesn't suit you and you never feel like really working in it

Decide now . . .

Do you want to keep wondering how to do it and be dissatisfied?

Or do you want to tackle it and pave your way in Purpose of Being?

Imagine where you can be in 6 months if you start today?

You can start today and step by step get clear about your why, your how and your what and dance through life again beaming with joy because you just know who you are and what you are here for!

Are you ready?

Then sign up now!

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Bonus module: Video introduction course "Awaken to Being" (value: 750 €)


Bonus #1: Facebook-Group for deeper discussions


Bonus #2: Exklusive 1 zu 1 Zoom Calls on Being and Perception


Bonus #3: Exklusive 1 zu 1 Zoom Calls on Purpose and Uniqueness


Bonus #4: Exklusive 1 zu 1 Zoom Calls on Alignment and Self-Guidance


Bonus #5: High Energy Group Zoom Calls on Soulbusiness and Positioning


Bonus #4: detailed workbooks for all modules

instead of $ 12.950 only

Book by April 20, 2023 and get an extra month as an exclusive bonus!

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Questions & Answers


Purpose of Being will take place from 09.05.2023 - 01.11.2023.


The coaching intensive program takes place in Zoom with live calls and offers an in-depth exchange in an exclusive Facebook group. After purchase you will receive an email with the link to the Facebook group. Feel free to send us your request for the group. ATTENTION: We will open the Facebook group only the day before Purpose of Being, i.e. on 08.05. in the evening. Until then your group request will remain unanswered.


The live calls last approx. 60 - 90 minutes.

What is the registration period?

To participate, register at least 1 day before the start of the intensive program. If you can't be at the calls, you can always check the recordings in the Facebook group. Therefore, be sure to join the Purpose of Being group as soon as you register.


No. Since we go into more depth on the topics in the Facebook group between live calls, you would miss a significant portion of the program if you were not in the group.


If you can't be there live, you'll have the opportunity to watch all the content afterwards in the exclusive Facebook group. The group will remain open even after the end of the intensive program. You still have 30 days after the end of the program to work through everything again. The individual videos are stored in the info guide in the Facebook group.


Feel free to send your questions to me in the Facebook group and send them to hello@marianneboehm.com

Your question was not answered?

Email me at hello@marianneboehm.com and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Are you going for you and change your situation?

Then take heart and book PURPOSE OF BEING, the basic intensive program that will pave the successful way to your free life on your own terms!

Yours Marianne