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  1.  Practical step-by-step instructions on how to discover your inner hurdles
  2. Tips on how to get out of your retarding behavior patterns forever
  3. Access to your beliefs that keep you from truthfully developing further
  4. Ways of let go of past, blocking experiences
  5. Ways to live in your true self and build the life that really suits you
  6. Exclusive offers for you as pathfinder subscriber such as individual coaching programs with bonus content and VIP- promotions
  7. Information from many years of experience on how to flow from a "following in life" status into a "lead your life" status
  8. Effective methods based on energy work that really liberate your creative power
  9. Current information from research on epigenetics, trauma healing and the healing power of water on our organism






Who is Marianne




My story:                                                            My background

As for my own journey to my personal paradise I am someone, who collected plenty trial and error events as well as incredibly intense experiences in personal growth.

I learned how to follow my heart and to identify the true voice of it, while on the other hand separate it from the untrue voice of my mind.

Therefore I learned deep states of truthful beings combined with tools to release my emotional blocks and liberate myself from hindering behavioral patterns.

Today I know, how I want to live and so I make it always happen. Plus I have lived in so far 8 true paradises of our planet to find that place where i will stay and provide you my work and experience best.

In the meantime, I am mobile, flexible and invite you to those paradisiac places I know, in order to provide you my best coaching modalities in best natural environments.

You find me best in Hawai'i, Dominica and... await my surprise :-). 

As for my own mission in this lifetime I am someone, who is here to support your journey to your personal paradise, what ever this might truly be.

I am happy to support and guide you on your journey!


  • Personal & Business Coach since 2016

  • Personal & Business Coach since 2016Systemic & Team Coach since 2017

  • Dolphin Dance Therapist (aquatic Bodywork) since 2016

  • since 2013: Practitioner of Relating & Mirroring in water, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Reiki, Quantum harmony (Russian Healing modalities), SE (Somatic Experiencing for releasing traumatic experiences), Systemic Constellations (Psychodrama) and the knowledge of the Healing Practitioner for Psychotherapy
  • Dive & Freedive Instructor with 10 years teaching experiences in world-wide oceans & inland waters 
  • Masters Degree in Business Communications with 18 years experiences in corporate consulting & lecturing in Communications & Change
  • Vocational training and entrepreneur as Window Dresser for 9 years
  • …and Diver, Sailor, Kitesurfer, World traveler, Sea lover and Ocean defender, Nature lover, Amateur gardener, Amateur painter &photograph, Dog mom (my dog Nelson is visible in some pictures), Freedom advocate and Pathfinder with over 40 years experience and enjoyment of life, because I love what i do! 🙂

    Get my inspiring pathfinder mails into a life 
    like in paradise, in which you are 100% yourself &
    make your life dreams come true: