Gently create your natural harmony of life from your essence

Self Sense Transformation brings you to yourself and unleashes your full life energy

Self Sense Transformation - SelfSeT© 

How to gently transform pain, suffering and exhaustion into natural abundance

Self Sense Transformation - SelfSeT©

Do you want to:

  • live deeply fulfilled?
  • be in natural abundance?
  • be free of worries and stress?
  • be able to solve your fears yourself?
  • feel, know and love yourself?
  • feel your true core?
  • bring your big mission into the world?
  • realize your vision in a concrete way?
  • go your very own way of life?
  • live in a deeply meaningful way?

by learning:

  • to free yourself from what holds you back?
  • to build your self-confidence?
  • to create clarity within yourself?
  • to unleash your full natural power?
  • to fully develop and discover yourself?
  • to transform your despair of not finding a way out into competence to make your life your masterpiece?

Then you are right here


You learn to dissolve your blockages immediately, effectively and efficiently.

This happens in your body system, directly in the nervous system. There you have stored negative experiences in an interpretive way. Exactly there you exchange the experience with your adult, healthy attitude of today and change the lack into abundance.

You learn how to find and dissolve your trapped emotions. You heal the causes and release blocked energy, which is now profitably available to you again for your path.

This works gently and mindfully - thanks to the holistic Self-Sense-Transformation-Method.

1to1 in resonance we work effectively either with me on the island or online via ZOOM.

Get aligned with yourself without big words, just naturally effective

Self Sense Transformation - SelfSeT©

The method

Nature resonates with nature. You are nature and heal through nature.

Self Sense Transformation works according to the principles of nature. It is the most efficient energy work and works in direct exchange with you, nature and water.

In parts you work online, in other parts with me on site, if you want.

Self Sense Transformation changes the information in your body cells that you once stored there. Old experiences can be perceived in a new way. Old pain is healed and replaced by new perception and experience.

You renegotiate old traumas by releasing the pain, healing the wound and positively changing your attitude towards it. This reaches into past generations of your family line. Your body system also remembers experiences of your family and past lives.

Your conscious mind, on the other hand, can only remember certain portions of information. What it reflects back every moment are tiny sequences of your beliefs, attitudes, experiences - self-created stories that make you feel safe. They are controlled by your unconscious patterns that keep you trapped where you can't find a way out.

Break through your patterns and you are free, more and more.

Once you contact your trapped emotions, give them space and learn what is needed there, the work can begin: Your deep transformation. You explore the situation and correct it in a healthy way so that the aching wound can heal.

If you complete the experience in the wound in a natural way within yourself, the blockage dissolves. The situation in the wound changes and your perception about it is rewritten.

You feel the whole process gently in your nervous system until it is complete. Your subsequent deep relaxation and revitalization are indications of success. Everything happens 100% under your control and in safe company of me.

Your transformation thus exposes your true nature: it is unblocked and magnificent.


The Self Sense Transformation© is the gentle giant of true nature


The work works because it follows the laws of nature. Everything takes place in a natural way, with and in your nature as well as supporting nature, tropical nature and in body-warm water. Especially early traumas in a person's life heal, in which they can deeply relax and feel safe. Water and tropical nature do this best.

My specially developed method Self Sense Transformation addresses particularly severe experiences that were made early: In the womb, at birth and in the first months of life.

It heals your fears, anxiety, hostility, tension, exhaustion, sadness, heaviness, helplessness and despair in the micro-relaxation of your body through the nervous system. You perceive the change within you.

Self Sense Transformation therefore works 1-to-1 online, in person, in nature and in water.

How the deep effective Aquatic-SelfSeT-application works, you can see in the video:

How Aquatic SelfSeT works:

Other parts of SelfSeT work in tropical climate and nature, where you relax best. You always work in the now and finely sense what messages your system is sending.

This unique blend of pure nature within you and around you heals your suffering and creates bliss within you. You raise your vibration and create natural abundance for yourself.  

The SelfSeT method is successful because it brings your inner truth from your subconscious to your consciousness in a very gentle and controlled way. It transforms your issues efficiently and gently in your nervous system, where all your life information is stored.

It is the place where your real transformation is really possible, because there you are really able to sense and choose your own truth anew. It is where you recognize yourself and change your reality. You experience:

  • new ease instead of inner heaviness
  • joy instead of sadness
  • hope instead of helplessness
  • life energy instead of exhaustion
  • inner peace instead of restlessness
  • deep restful sleep at night instead of insomnia
  • trust instead of worry
  • connection instead of being alone
  • and much more.

Self Sense Transformation© relaxes, heals, unfolds and paves your way highly effectively.

Your success is truly due to nature - your own and Mother Earth's!

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