Experience the power of true nature & create your unique path into your dream life

Self Sense Transformation Freedom

Get to your true Self in the SelfSeT Freedom Program

You finally want to live truly fulfilled?
To BE completely from your Self?

You are ready to face your inner burdens mindfully and clear them gently out of the way?

You want to be true and feel real - radiate energy?

Then say yes to yourself, "Yes, I am realigning - here and now!". You are not alone!

Take advantage of the encouraging SelfSeT guidance and the high energy of the Freedom program

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Connect with your source & let happiness flow into your daily life

Self Sense Transformation Freedom

Free, light, powerful
in the SelfSeT Freedom Program

Finally you can realize your true dreams step by step!

Finally you realize what has really held you back!

Finally you let go of what has blocked you again and again!

Finally you create new possibilities and ways into your dream life!

You feel - free and aligned with yourself, powerful and lighter and lighter!

That's where Self Sense Transformation Freedom is heading for you from day 1.

You feel this more and more:

  • You feel joyfully detached!
  • Your worries vanish!
  • You feel at home with yourself and you love it!
  • You trust in yourself again!
  • You can rest in yourself!
  • You feel your true way!
  • You are safe and strong out of yourself!

Achieve this in SelfSeT Freedom.

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Within your true self you release your powerful life energy

Self Sense Transformation freedom

The SelfSeT Freedom Program

In 8 weeks release your blocked life energy and feel happy, true & free to live self-determined you.


You get:

  • instant ease & bliss
  • deep connection to your true essence
  • a loving connection to yourself
  • a positive perception of yourself, your path and your hurdles - your helpful companions on the way to your greatness
  • self-awareness, self-confidence, self-worth
  • the transformation of fear into supportive life energy
  • contact to your soul and its task
  • access to your full greatness and creative power
  • Change to feeling more and more wonderful, energetic and real - as you really are!
  • Insights on how to effectively support your change
  • effective mindfulness work with which you consciously transform your issues into ease
  • insights into your inner entanglements that unconsciously control you, their origins and how you can turn them around in a sustainable positive way
  • effective experience of how to transform these obstacles yourself in a mindful way

We realize SelfSeT Freedom in 8 weeks.

  • 8 exclusive SelfSeT Guidances that train your self-awareness, release blocked energy & align you with your true path
  • 4 intensive SelfSeT meditations to clarify your soul path
  • 2 mindful guides into a microfine self-awareness
  • 8 weekly tasks for independent daily implementation
  • 1 accompanying journal with questions and tasks to accompany and cognitively internalize your program process
  • email mentoring for your commitment

Are you ready?

Ready to be your real self?

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Walk your soul's path and live freely, self-determined and full of meaning.

Self Sense Transformation freedom

These recognized methods & energetic

natural healing methods support your transformation deeply effective

Systemic point of view

The systemic view is directed at energetic entanglements with the family and its generations as well as the immediate environment. It helps to gently release resulting emotional blockages in a natural way. It lets you understand more deeply.

Somatic accompaniment

In the somatic approach you mindfully release emotional baggage from e.g. traumatic and other difficult developmental history. You feel finely and precisely how you release the tightness and heaviness and enter into joy and lightness. This work works through your fine sense of awareness in great mindfulness.

Conscious perception

Consciously perceiving, communicating, resonating, and feeling is guiding in the retreat. Your true nature guides you through this process. For this you may always trust it. The process is supported by deep relaxation of your body system, which is additionally achieved through exercises in nature.

"Words really cannot describe in whole what I experienced during my water session. Enlightening, yet uplifting and comforting experience. Since being back I have felt better than I have in a very long time.

Questions, thoughts or concerns are being answered by channeling through my healer. Thank you Marianne!  I will  see you soon with many more individuals that need their way found again."

Natasha, 42, about Self Set Transformation

Would you like to start your dream life? Then join the SelfSeT Freedom program !