Release pure life energy, find and dissolve hindering patterns forever

Energy Flow Programm

The 1:1 Energy Flow
to liberate your path 

Living as it truly makes you happy! 
Being like you really are and finally doing what you love most.

Live self-determined and freely decide on your time: your precious lifetime!

If it's that what you long for, I will support you as coach to fulfill your desire.

You and your environment will thank you. Because being truthful you are binding as well as connected. You live truly happier and contribute yourself deeply motivated!

Release your unconscious patterns & finally start
self-determined into your dream life

Energy Flow Coaching

Free, easy, powerful
Energy Flow Program

Often you are not even aware of what keeps you from starting your way into your dream life.

You can tell by the fact that you end up in the same place again and again and not one step further.

Unconscious behavior patterns and beliefs steer you deeply from within as they protect you from unpleasant emotions and feelings.

Because they depend on the original experiences from which your behavior patterns and beliefs once emerged. These entanglements and emotions are deeply in the nervous system, blocked in our body cells, and often have a developmental trauma origin.

We detect such blocks together in Energy Flow and release them forever, step by step, gently and particularly carefully.

Every time you feel more:

  • Ease and joy
  • Release from old "bonds"
  • Self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Confidence and understanding
  • Self-determination and truthfulness
  • your true path

If you finally want to live freely and take off into your dream life, come into the Energy Flow Coaching.

Your transformation into a life like in paradise begins with freeing your unconscious blocking emotions and patterns.

Dive into your true Self
and release your powerful
life energy

Energy Flow Coaching

The Energy Flow Programm

Now release your blocked life energy to finally feel free in life and live independently.

You will get:

  • 6 exclusive Energy Flow sessions, each 75 min., in which you release your blockages, release the blocked energy and feel your true intentions to thus align yourself with your true path
  • 1 exclusive pathfinder coaching - 120min - to align with your released energy and vision in order to shape your path with next steps
  • 1 intro conversation, 30min that clarifies your concern and your orientation in the Energy Flow program
  • 1 final conclusion conversation, 30min
    that gives you next steps orientation
  • 1 accompanying diary with questions and tasks to record your program process and internalizes it cognitively
  • email-mentoring during the entire period of time that answers your questions


  • recommendations on how you support your development process most effectively
  • systemic, energetic healing and mindfulness methods, with which you bring your unconscious programs, limiting beliefs and emotional blockades into consciousness and release them step by step
  • insights into your inner patterns, blockages, causes that hide your Self and control you unconsciously
  • insight on how you can transform these patterns yourself mindfully
  • increasing your self-awareness, self-value, self-confidence and self-assurance
  • a supportive attitude: out of the problem-awareness into abundance thinking & solution orientation

The Energy Flow runs over 8 weeks.

Are you ready?

Are you ready to become a new person?

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Walk your soul's path and live freely, self-determined and fulfilled

Energy Flow Programm

These recognized methods & energetic natural healing treatments effectively support your transformation

Systemic Coaching

In systemic coaching you solve energetic entanglements and resulting emotional blockades. Various systemic constellations are transferred to objects or take place in nature. It is supported with exercises to increase your conscious perception. 

The right mix of these techniques, precisely tailored to your needs, will really make you understand deeply.

Trauma Healing by Peter Levine

This is about a highly attentive release of emotional blockades that have arisen through traumatic experiences. Somatic experience (SE according to Peter Levine) works great, because you feel very fine and can measure success precisely. Through strong slowing down in accompanied meditative exploration, your nervous system opens up to the subtle. Thus, it reveals hidden information to you, solves the emotions contained in it and processes new positive information in the meantime. This procedure works through your sensitive feeling in your finest mindfulness.

Energetic naturopathic treatments

Mainly bodies act based, cranio therapy and quantum harmony work directly at blocked body parts. With Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) you solve effectively insistent emotional blockers. It relieves you especially at the beginning of your self-healing journey. Relaxation breathing from athletic free diving helps you and your body into direct relaxation. All methods are option during the proceeding with your concern.

Conscious communication

Accompanying all of the methods described here is consciousness-enhancing communication. It shows you on a cognitive level which inner entanglements and attachments block your view and path. Hypnotic speech patterns and the fine, attentive communication give you information and insight about your inner states and their causes. This supporting communication technique brings unconscious information into your consciousness.

Awareness in nature methods

The tropical volcanic nature with its pleasant climate and lively energy supports your coaching deeply. It intensifies your sensory perception significantly. You feel your current stumbling blocks very finely and receive precise messages from within. Energetically you connect directly with this nature and recognize its universal signs, the language of nature. This environment clearly communicates what is true: you are part of this nature and everything is connected. An experience that makes you feel safe. Your being here reveals itself to you.

"Words really cannot describe in whole what I experienced during my water session. Enlightening, yet uplifting and comforting experience. Since being back I have felt better than I have in a very long time.

Questions, thoughts or concerns are being answered by channeling through my healer. Thank you Marianne!  I will  see you soon with many more individuals that need their way found again."

Natasha, 42, in Dominica W.I.

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