Awaken to Being

Unleash the greatest magic of your life now!

Are you looking for inner peace, harmony and the good feeling of leading a fulfilled life?


Do you want to finally be able to feel your self again?

Do you want a clear direction and to know your path for sure?

In being lies your power

Can't you get over these obstacles?


Are you constantly stressed and busy with things that take away your time, when you would much rather spend your time doing completely different things?


Have you been stuck in an unloved job for a long time and are going in circles because you just can't think of a way out to create an income that you really enjoy?


Do you just not know how to be free and live as your nature dictates, because your worries give you no peace and you are constantly afraid and under pressure?

Imagine . . .

. . . you just feel this clear direction, like a compass pointing stubbornly north, and you just know: you are on your way to the goal!

. . . you can always find answers to your questions within yourself and just know what impulse from within your next step!

. . . you can finally breathe again because your worries dissolve and you are finally sure how to build the life in which you are a beacon for others!

. . . you could snap your finger and move mountains, simply because you implement so from your elemental force that you finally succeed in things that were previously light years away from you!

Do you want to be able to be sure and clear that you are properly on your way to your fulfilled life?

Then book Awaken to Being now!

In AtB video course you learn comfortably from home on your own schedule.
The course gives you step by step tools to get out of your head cinema of fears and worries and lays the strong foundation of inner guidance from the being in you.
With this you will find in the future calm, safe and clear, what really corresponds to you. Above all, you learn to deeply understand yourself.

Awaken to Being leads you to the core of your true self.

The course sets the stage for you to manifest a truly fulfilling and happy life according to your true nature.

Awaken to Being is your entry into a free self-empowered life with great impact for you and those you inspire.

Live freely and with great impact


I am Marianne, your guide into your free & self-determined life that inspires others.

When I began my journey to myself, I felt disoriented, small, unappreciated, full of fear, defensive, and always pushing boundaries.

At the same time, I wanted most to retreat and have time to myself in peace. There was chaos inside me. I had no idea who I was and what I was here for.

Unsure through and through what I should do, I took the professional path that "people just took". After my training, first jobs, later communications studies and activities in international corporations, I had been working according to other people's rules for too long. I just wanted to get out!

Because I was so disconnected from myself, I was constantly experiencing drama and failure in all aspects of life. Then I drew the line and decided: I wanted to enjoy my life from now on and discover what was in my path.

So I left my job, started my own business and moved to the Caribbean to do online marketing for my first clients and to train as a diving instructor. Diving was something I always wanted to do and I fulfilled that by becoming a freediving instructor in 2012.

During this incredible adventurous time underwater, my true nature slowly unfolded. Slowly I began to realize my purpose as a soul in this life. Under water I was finally able to connect to my essence and thus found more and more to myself.

"Wonderful I found your attention that was to be felt over the entire program. Even when I hung again and again came the appropriate email that has made me awake again and made me think. The video lessons were a wonderful experience. I felt just as safe and held as I did during the Aquatic Flow.

It was a very pleasant treatment and compared to other therapies, quick results were felt. I was able to release very old patterns. With a lot of sensitivity and genuine compassion on your part, I felt well taken care of."

C.B. aus Berlin

"Words really cannot fully describe what I experienced during my session. An enlightening, yet uplifting and comforting experience.

Since my return, I feel better than I have in a long time. Thank you so much Marianne! See you soon with many more people who need to find their way again.... ."

Natasha, 42, Dominica W.I.

"I discovered that I didn't know how to use my connection to my feeling and so I learned to make decisions from my heart/feeling, which gives me a lot of confidence and ease.

I have discovered the causes of my old behavior patterns and can now intervene before I fall into them. I also got to know myself even more and know what is important to me in life and see my path more clearly before me. I am even more honest and direct than before, which brings more clarity on all sides.

I have achieved my breakthroughs because I have learned to listen to myself and to see where which Walter needs my attention. Also by listening to my inner self (feeling/heart), taking more time for myself and meditations, and through routines and constantly connecting with myself."

Walter, 40, Bulgarien

from these intense experiences i have recognized and discovered my soul mission, ....

... that I not only wanted to share the healing power of water with the world. Later I realized that I should support wonderful people like you to connect with your essence and to walk the true path of your being.

After a groundbreaking psychic experience under water I had clarity. This was immediately followed by several years of coaching, water, energy and trauma healing trainings. Then 3 years ago I developed my own water healing and self guidance coaching & mentoring line Self Sense Transformation.

All my experiences, insights and knowledge you get today on the one hand in my coaching & mentoring programs. On the other hand, a year ago I launched the holistic Self Leadership Coach & Mentor training.

My vision is to bring as many people into truthfulness and freedom as I can, so that together we can transform this earth back into the paradise it inherently is. I do what it takes for us humans to reconnect, to be loving with each other and with nature, so that all of life on Earth can thrive in harmony and freedom.

With my video course Awaken to Being, I am putting my key to life into your hands. This course is the basis for your true life according to your true nature.

With this foundation you will also finally get out of ambiguity, stuckness, helplessness and deep worries, stress and inner chaos. With this foundation you are able to create the worth living existence you are dreaming of now: Free, happy, healthy, meaningful & and impactful for others and life - thus deeply fulfilled.

With Awaken to Being I have laid the foundation for your new life. Will you accept it?

This awaits you in

Awaken to Being


In Awaken to Being you learn to connect with yourself.

You learn how to get out of your endless thought carousels and finally find answers within yourself that are true.

You will learn how to get access to the right information within. It is the beginning of the end of endless rounds of questions with friends or family.

In the Awaken to Being video course, you'll integrate how to pave your way to fulfillment for you:


FRom: A

"Often my breath stops and I don't know how to answer others. Again, someone goes over me and just decides for me because I just don't know what to decide.

I am so tired of being tossed back and forth by others as if between 2 guardrails! I stand then like the ox before the mountain and do not know how I should come over there - let alone how I should make myself noticeable. Because I also want to be finally heard.

So I follow once again contrite and hope it is ok. But I'm angry because I feel so strange inside, as if dug in. Everything is in the dark and I don't know how to bring light to my chaos inside.

I don't know who I actually am or what I'm here to do. All I know is that I'm constantly stressed out and can't even feel myself anymore!

I want more time for myself and finally find out in peace, what my task is and who I am at all!

I want to finally get out of the feeling of being deaf, not perceiving myself, also out of the constant fear of doing everything wrong!

I want to go my own way clearly, safely and calmly!"


To: B

"Finally I feel deep in the core and feel who I actually am!

I have learned how I can clear up all the ambiguity in me and step by step bring more light into the darkness of my inner chaos!

Finally I feel able to act, because I have the tools in my hand to access my true information!

Finally I am out of my eternal thought carousels and know how I can immediately create peace and relaxation in me, without having to fear doing anything wrong!

I have taken power over my life again and don't let inner turmoil throw me off track anymore!

I have learned how to get out of the stories my mind tells me to keep me from growing and developing.

I feel much more connected to myself and also no longer see that unclear darkness inside of me!

I'm even having fun exploring myself and finally getting answers to my crucial questions in life!
I love it!"

These are the contents of

Awaken to Being

Modul 1

Awaken to Being

Entry into being

Modul 2

Awaken to Being

Being conscious in being

Modul 3

Awaken to Being

Harmony with yourself


Awaken to Being-

Integrated in the 2 continuing Coaching & Mentoring programs Mastery of Being and Purpose of Being!

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Awaken to Being

Basic video course

In Awaken to Being, stunning breakthroughs and deep transformations await you, finally moving you forward!

The online program is for you if you . . .


are so stressed that you can't think clearly, let alone have 5 minutes of quiet time for yourself during the day!


find nothing but a black hole inside you when you ask yourself how you really want to live and how to change your current situation!


desperately want to learn how to find out what is really on your path and what is not, because you don't have a clue what your gifts and talents really are in depth and you are actually just guessing because others have told you.


want to take back the helm of your own life and be sure where the course is going for you, because you finally know how to figure out which course to set to take your life in your very own direction!


urgently search for ways out of your hectic daily routine of having to function and the boundary violations by others, in order to activate something like your inner compass, which brings you safely into competence and self-confidence, so that you can proactively change your reality.


you are already in the process of getting answers from your Self, but you don't quite know how to do it yet, or you are not sure if you are following the right signals to implement. You just want to have more certainty and really be able to feel what your true essence impulse is.

Decide now . . .

Do you want to continue to be bounced disoriented from one guardrail to the next in pressure and stress?

Or do you want to simply solve your situation with Awaken to Being?

Imagine what you can achieve with this video guide in 2-3 weeks! When you are guided step by step out of your external control and you realize that you have the control in your hands again?

Do you want to experience that?

Then book this treasure awaken to being now!

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Yours Marianne