Finally live in ease & stay relaxed long-term with the natural healing power
of water

Aquatic Flow



Now get into your very own flow!
Let Aquatic Flow release your blocked energy & integrate new, easy experiences

Aquatic Flow transforms burden into lightness

In the Aquatic Flow you transform your emotional burden into noticeable lightness. What is internally depressing or dampening slowly dissolves in relaxed movements in the water and through energetic healing applications.

Your body system opens up and blocked emotions start to flow. You feel how you become more free in your inner self.

Each time you dive deeper into yourself you come closer to your true core.

You can see how Aquatic Flow works here:

Aquatic Flow
Let go & feel lightly


In the Aquatic Flow you are moved, very gently. You don't have to do anything.

Just indulge in the water. Passively, you swing and float softly above and below the surface. Breathe in your own rhythm.

At all times you are held securely and can let go of everything. 

Why Aquatic Flow gives you lasting relaxation, you can see now:

In your Origin Water

you are One with your

Very Own Essence 

 Be One in water

Find in water to the true self

Water is your origin. Origin of all life. 

In the water, you get directly to yourself. Gentle movements in body-warm water release emotional blockades in the body. 

Your true core unfolds more and more.


Connect with the energy of nature

Nature connects you with yourself. You get grounded. 

Relaxed, your system opens for the life that surrounds you in nature. The energy flows through you again.  

Your true self emerges.

Permanently relaxed with Aquatic Flow

In the Aquatic Flow you dive into other worlds. In your origin. 

In deep relaxation, you will be carried and gently moved. Safely held you float above and below water. 

Lightness integrates in your body in the long term.

The Aquatic-Flow treatments are

specifically tailored to your needs

using recognized methods.


In a quiet environment you will be moved slowly in the water. Your personal space remains respected, because Aquatic Flow is very attentive and non-invasive. Because you are kept safe in every moment, you relax more and more and come into your natural flow. In trusting devotion you release long held tensions and blocked emotions.


The warm water imitates the environment of your formation in the amniotic sac. Wrapped in it you will find your own rhythm to breathe and hold your breath. Because your natural diving reflex is activated in water as soon as your face is in water, your body switches to economy mode, which immediately relaxes you.
In this sensitive state in water, blocked emotions are
released gently and efficiently.

Safe Accompaniment

You're safe anytime because I support you in this sensitive inner process. Regardless of the severity of your emotional burden,
I always hold the protective space for you. Professionally and empathetically I accompany you with my well-founded trainings and my versatile experience from the heart to find new
joy, freedom & ease.

"Words really cannot describe in whole what I experienced during my water session… Enlightening, yet uplifting and comforting experience.
Subsequent days were somewhat interesting with dreams, feelings and attitudes of all kinds.  Since being back I have felt better than I have in a very long time.  Questions, thoughts or concerns are being answered by channeling through my healer.  Thank you Marianne!  I will  see you soon with many more individuals that need their way found again...." 

Natascha, 42, über Aquatic Flow

"In the water I could eventually relax and felt very comfortable. To be held and carried like weightless, did really good to me. Also with the moves underwater I felt well carried and secure."

Cornelia, 38, about Aquatic Flow

"It was a unique and very positive experience and after 1.5 hours in the water with Marianne, I knew that this is something I would like to do again....!"

Larissa, 48, about Aquatic Flow

"...Once we started the session and hearing the water flowing along my body, I immediatley was in my moms womb. I saw my mom travelling to Japan (I was born there ....) with me in her womb. I had moments of imagining myself a seagras, waving in the current back and forth. Then I was a siren. Besides the colourful pictures in my head, I liked the combination of stretching, breathing and smooth movements in the water. It's great to release the body tension and let Marianne and the water do their work. I had the feeling that my muscles and joints could relax again and that all these were falling back into place ..." 

Larissa, 48, about Aquatic Flow

"...I was also positively surprised what movements of the body can be done without any problems. I believe by doing the water sessions more often I would be able to breathe more deeply. Thanks to Marianne I discovered a new method to relax and to let go in an environment I like to be: water. Mariannes work and guidance is wonderful...."

Larissa, 48, about Aquatic Flow

"The triggering and stretching of my muscles I sensed as pretty pleasant. Through the being pulled and carried moves during relaxation, several blockages in my spine could get released and my range of motion in my spine significantly improved. As well my wrists and the lower arm muscles get released and now feel much more free than before..."

Cornelia, 38, about Aquatic Flow

"Mentally I am way happier and more satisfied as well as easy going. This Aquatic Flow session today was exactly the right thing for me. I have not even realized, how tired and tensed I was before. Within my hectic and stressful daily life today, I really could switch of my mind and shut down. Thank you very much for this wonderful experience."

Cornelia, 38, about Aquatic Flow

Aquatic Flow
"Dive into your Self" 

Aquatic Flow is a mix of interlocking applications. 

With every application, you will achieve noticeably more lightness. Nervous system and body cells internalize new, positive experiences. Old information will be replaced. Everyday experience becomes more beautiful. 

You record your experience in the Aquatic Flow Diary to cognitively support your transformation. Later you can look back on your development.

Now dive into the Self in your Origin Water and transform Burden into Ease


Aquatic Flow Package

Aquatic Flow 
"Dive into your Self" Package

You will get:

  • 3 Aquatic-Flow-Treatments up to 90 minutes each, which unconsciously solve blockades and integrate new supporting processes.
  • 2 Mindfulness-Sessions of 75 minutes each, which release your blockades on a conscious level and create deep clarity in you.
  • 1 accompanying diary with questions and tasks to record your development in writing and to internalize it cognitively stronger
  • 2 Online-Mentorings of 30min after the program within 2 months
  • 1 Bonus Aquatic-Flow-session additionally for your next Aquatic Flow booking

  • Increasing your self-confidence and inner peace
  • Resolution of your inner blockages that conceal your true self and unconsciously control you.
  • Recommendations on how to behave in a way that supports your development process most effectively here
  • Email support according to your needs
  • Systemic, energetic healing and mindfulness methods, which bring your unconscious programs, emotional blockades and restrictive beliefs into consciousness and dissolve them step by step

We will realize this package in 2-4 weeks

You invest:   US$ 2887,00 plus VAT

*with your booking you will receive all information about payment and appointment via email

*you will have all appointments either live in the nature of Dominica, Hawai'i or in a German thermal bath as well as partly online

Yes, I want to book Aquatic Flow
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Experience the Deep Relaxation of Aquatic Flow 


Be One in water

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