Hello, I am Marianne, trained to guide you through your healing into your free, self-determined existence in natural abundance

With my mission I support you to get out of suffering into your true greatness, so that you fulfill your soul mission & yourself deeply.

My heart is my guide Water my element

I went all the way. From the outside to the inside and back again.

When I started my journey, I knew only one thing: I wanted to bring light and color into my life, in short: joie de vivre. That was the time when I moved from Schleswig-Holstein to Berlin in 1993. I was attracted by the variety and thus the freedom of possibilities. Everything that lay behind me felt dark.

And that's how it was, because my emotional and emotional household was pretty compressed - the connections were mostly in the dark for me. Too much stress and struggle had made it an impenetrable place. From then on, Berlin stood for joy and became my home for 24 years.

What continued to bother me, however, were physical symptoms from my compressed emotional state: cardiac arrhythmias. After their peak 2 years before my move, they continued to subside, but signaled a lot of pent-up emotion in my body system. I was not aware of all this and so I simply lived according to my heart - in joy and growth.

Today I know that the heart stands for love. And it was almost non-existent in my life so far.Also, it is the central seat of our essence, our wisdom - from where we really lead our lives, mostly unconsciously. The emotions we carry in our heart create matching situations in. our outside. This is how we draw certain experiences into our lives. With me it was still a lot of drama and negative environments.

I emerged from my growing up as completely disoriented. I was too felt 0% with myself, didn't know who I was, what I was supposed to mean and so jumped on every attitude of other people that I could understand and represented it as mine. I was so cut off from myself that I did not feel what choices were good or bad.

Nevertheless, other forces within me steered me in the right direction. As time went on, mostly traveling and starting with my communications studies, things cleared up more and more. Slowly I was able to identify true desires and got a quiet inkling of myself.

I experienced the healing power of water and learned to heal myself in a natural way

my turning point

My heart's path found most efficient healing in water & nature

Travels became my religion. They were the entrance to my healing. Because I was looking for a place that I know today is the place of my essence, of my soul's origin. Back in Berlin, I brought the core of my soul's origin into my life: water. I learned to dive, fulfilled a 15-year wish.

In 2009 I broke out of the German work system, left my job, started my adventure journey as a diving instructor in the Caribbean, the Maldives and other dream places by the sea. Pure freedom, the most beautiful underwater world and the craziest experiences - pure joy of life. Love moved in and out of my environment from time to time. What drove me was my deep interest in the essence of people and their motives. So I found ways to combine my communication background with diving: Freediving and Coaching.

A deeply magical experience under water opened my "Pandora's Box", aired the compressed emotional cellar. Since then I wanted to share this magic with the world and learned healing applications in water. I understood how I had taken my own healing path through water, relaxing my own emotional compression. I had long since found access to causes, entanglements, influences on my heart symptoms and other abnormalities and was steadily dissolving them within myself - with just the right elements of nature and various continuing education and people on my travels.

Water became my healing path, utmost mindfulness and personal space my methods. The lush tropical nature completes everything in a magical way. Nature at home was by my side as a child and is my constant companion today in my adopted countries.

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My biggest dreams so far have come true: I live in the most beautiful tropical locations and support my prospective clients with my own healing method Aquatic Self Sense Transformation and Self Sense Transformation via video conferencing.

To clarify: Neither I myself nor anyone else can heal anyone else. I merely hold the space and assist to the best of my ability in activating another person's self-healing powers. He does the healing himself on many levels - depending on where his body allows him to access his issues and ability to heal.

My journey so far has allowed me incredibly great and magical experiences and a grandiose development in a completely natural way with the underestimated power of nature, the primal element of water into my own unique nature!

I would like to make that possible for every soul who wants that, too. For this I am here and thank my inner compass, my essence with all my heart.

With my story I want to support the people who also want to use the power of nature and the primal element of water for their path. The people who seriously want to find their natural essence and contribute from the heart of a natural world, so that the new free, self-determined and healthy earth can arise.

I want to support you to discover yourself and to come out of the compression, so that you can find into your expansion/true greatness: into your whole power and to your true life purpose.

This great gift, to be able to accompany this person - maybe also you? - to be able to accompany this person in this process, fills me deeply.

On my own path I found truthfulness and fulfillment.

Water is a blessing, wise,

because it binds us all

together, is the source of all

life & what we are

in the origin

My belief

My stations

20I became Transformational Coach through these life stages:

  • Development of Self Sense Transformation© in 2020
  • Finalized studies of Naturopath for Psychotherapy 2020
  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner since 2020
  • Personal & Business Coach since 2016
  • Systemic & Team Coach since 2017
  • Dolphin Dance Therapist (aquatic Bodywork) since 2016
  • since 2013: Practitioner of Relating & Mirroring in water, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Reiki, Quantum harmony (Russian Healing modalities), SE (Somatic Experiencing for releasing traumatic experiences), Systemic Constellations (Psychodrama) and the knowledge of the Healing Practitioner for Psychotherapy
  • Dive & Freedive Instructor with 10 years teaching experiences in world-wide oceans & inland waters 
  • Masters Degree in Business Communications with 20 years experiences in Marketing, corporate consulting & lecturing, Communications & Change
  • Vocational training and entrepreneur as Window Dresser for 9 years
  • …and Diver, Sailor, Kitesurfer, World traveler, Sea lover and Ocean defender, Nature lover, Amateur gardener, Amateur painter &photograph, Dog mom (my dog Nelson is visible on some pictures), Freedom advocate and Pathfinder with over 40 years experience and enjoyment of life, because I love what i do! 


With these 5 pathfinders you will discover your true self and thus find your ways into a life that truly suits you.

Your heart knows the direction

Because your heart is your best confidant, it knows your true self and your true path. From an early age, it shows you your talents, preferences and deepest desires. What really gives you joy comes from your heart, not from your mind. When we do what we love, we are in pure being and so connected to our true self.

In the Now lies the answer

If you keep a watchful eye on what moves you, you will track down your motives and inner drives. In mindfulness, you are present. You consciously perceive: feelings, emotions, behaviour, words and the meaning you give to everything. In mindful presence we are close to our true self, because we do not value our thoughts.

Responsibility is your key

You show responsibility by staying true to yourself. You consciously recognize your motives and inner drives. Clearly about yourself, you then act hand in hand with your very self. We are responsible in harmony with our true self and act consciously, reflected. In this way you transform from the searching thinking person to the fulfilled being now. Your dreams find their way into the reality of your true being.

Merciless honesty to your Self

Because the path is guaranteed to be paved with stumbling blocks, it will throw you off track, cause you to fall or distract you from the path. If you are mercilessly honest with yourself and feel your inner truth, you will perceive your way as well as the wrong ways and distracting boosters. Remember, your heart knows the way. Successfully you meet your stumbling blocks truthfully and ready for painful moments. These are followed immediately by multiple joy, relief, happiness.

Your courage and faith will be rewarded

Despite stumbling blocks, pain, and distractions on your path, stay in contact with your true self. So you feel that you are right on your way. Trust yourself, be courageous and trust your inner compass. Walking for yourself and your true mission on earth can only lead you to your natural true destination.