Hello, I am Marianne, transformation coach & your most vigilant pathfinder and attentive challenger

It is my mission, to support you to unlock your true core and remove all your obstacles from your path, so that you can build a life like in paradise - this is what I do with all my heart!

My heart is my guide Water my element

My path to the true self began almost thirty years ago when I clearly chose a conscious and deeply joyful life. Back then, I had had some very difficult months that had affected my health. This time had awakened me for the first time to a conscious path — the path of the heart.

And my heart took me around the world. What I had dreamed of since childhood became true: living in distant, warm countries. Especially the last ten years I spent at some of my dream destinations, looking for a tropical home with sea view. For three years I have been mainly in Dominica, the greenest and water-richest Caribbean West Indies Island, because water is my element.

On the way I experienced the immense healing power of water. And so Dominica with all its natural resources became my best choice for my healing and coaching work in water and nature.

What brought me to my work with healing processes in the first place was of course my own way. It was paved with mental and emotional stumbling blocks: all evidence of my own need for healing. So, thanks to dear pioneers and companions, I was able to get to energetic naturopathic treatments and thus really get close to my inner themes. More and more I removed my stumbling blocks and learned to heal my emotional wounds myself.

Before my heart literally led me on this way, the water was always there: in my dreams of tropical beaches as well as real through the North and Baltic Sea, lakes, swimming pools, bathtubs and lots of rain in my German homeland Schleswig-Holstein. It began there when I was twenty, four months following I experienced constant, physically unfounded heart arrhythmias. The months of stress caused by my fear and panic took away my strength to deal with it further. Because I couldn't find any other help, I surrendered and gave myself to my existence. This devotion healed the symptom: in four days my heart was beating evenly and almost remained the same.

What followed was a year of emotionless exhaustion. When I awakened to a new life, my heart's call to a conscious and joyful life reached me. What I could not do at that time was to recognize the heart symptoms as signals of my nervous system indicating the urgent need for adjustment. Correction by healing my severe trauma, which I had experienced at the age of twelve, and related experiences.

I experienced the healing power of water and learned to heal myself in a natural way

my turning point

My heart led me to the origin of life: water & the world oceans

My dreams became reality when I moved to Berlin. The international, colourful city became a suitable home for me for many years. From there, for the first time, I went out into the wide world very close to my dream destination, the Caribbean: Florida. Sun, sea and white palm beaches were my world I wanted to dive into. In the following years I became self-employed for the first time, went on several trips to Southern Europe and Asia, studied business communication and went to New York for one semester.

Having become a loan obligor in the meantime, I worked for seven long years in the international marketing and communications departments of global corporations in Berlin and southern Germany after completing my studies as a communications specialist. My belief in the limitation of bank debt and the synchronisation with the external system brought me to my limits: my heart shouted “Get out!”
And that's where I made my way. In the evenings and on the weekends I learned to dive, became a divemaster and was ready for the long-awaited step: to live independently in the Tropics.

In order to become a scuba diving instructor in the Caribbean, I left my permanent position at the corporation. And in order to become completely free and earn additional money in Germany, I started my own business for the second time and flew to the diving paradise of Bonaire. From there I was there for my own online marketing clients from Berlin besides my job at the dive centre. With this work model I spent another five winter half years in Egypt, Mexico, the Maldives, Bali, Sri Lanka, Belize, Dominica, Hawaii as well as Elba and the summer months in Germany.

Because I was fascinated by the psychological effects of diving, I learned how to free dive. Being underwater without breathing immediately brings our attention inside, away from the distracting outside. To learn more, I attended all courses and later the freediving instructor course.

This course became the most intensive experience on my way and a trailblazer for my life path. Every day I had stronger heart arrhythmias and my fear of that time was back. Thanks to my instructor-trainer and trained coaches, my symptoms found professional support. He accompanied me in the process of removing the symptom-producing emotions from my nervous system.

What followed then became my key experience and turning point for my path.

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After my blocked emotions were free, I felt as light as a feather. This was immediately apparent under water. Before unloading, I did not reach my required course depth and always turned back. Diving into the depths had put me in deep unclear fear and set a new limit. But after the unloading I passed this border easily and much deeper. And not only that....

As soon as I was under water, I suddenly found myself enveloped in warm, intense pale blue light, which increased in proportion to my speed of descent. Because I was unsure whether my senses were playing a trick on me, I opened my eyes. And instead of the dark green lake water, I actually only saw the same intense pale blue light. It was like flood light shielding me from my surroundings. And it conveyed the message: “You are not alone.”

When I emerged, the light blue then dimmed down again proportionally to my ascent speed, where it went out quietly shortly before the surface. What was that? My instructor-trainer didn't know either. To check again if it was real or had something to do with my condition, I dived again. But this time there was no pale blue light. It had accompanied me only once and was therefore real.

Because this light appeared under water immediately after the emotional unloading that had previously caused my symptoms, I understood the message: water had integrated my trauma. I had just experienced my healing on this subject. So I took the pale blue light as a sign for my path: healing work with water. Because the light had just certified the healing power of water to me and I wanted to share that with others.

From then on, my path seemed to open up on its own to water-therapeutic trainings and many similar further trainings with self-awareness, such as systemic coaching and some energetic natural healing methods, aquatic bodywork and somatic experience (release from traumatic stress SE), quantum healing methods and to become a healing practitioner for psychotherapy. .

In the water I clearly recognized my path.

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True path to responsibility & fulfilment

But on the way I inevitably met an old stumbling block: my finances. Apart from the financial burdens that I was confronted with, I had no room for manoeuvre. I went back to the start, from Belize to Berlin, where I decided: in one year debt free and enough money to live well. This was followed by: from thoughts of lack to awareness of fulfilment and jobs in consulting, coaching and teaching. Thus, I reached my goal after only nine months, paid for everything, built up reserves and am financially independent since then. This turning point was painful and at the same time a real firework of joy: a whole new freedom developed.

Free to start at my chosen location Dominica with my therapeutic work in the nature pools of the hot springs and for online coaching. As I built this up, another stumbling block distracted me: toxic relationship patterns. This transformative process followed me into the summer in Berlin, where I dissolved my apartment and released twenty-four years of memories and other painful attachments. My difficult year continued to grow: with the serious illness of my mother. Together with my family I accompanied her to the end in only eight months.

Seven more months later I was back in Dominica to build myself up.  While I was living there, coaching water therapeutically and online, Dominica's special nature brought me even further to the point I stand for as a coach today: to live the true self in its being. The rocky scree island “where everyone finds himself” (so the inhabitants) and my self-determined use of time let me immerse myself deeply into my true self. As in my own retreat I sorted my new stumbling blocks daily and became more and more calm and clear inside.

Until I perceived my essence, my true self, in pure being. It was my own transformation in paradise that really set me free. Because my search for freedom and a suitable home was in reality my search for (so) being (may and can) — knowing oneself. Since then, I have been at home, within myself. And Dominica made it possible for me.

Let me accompany you

So my own journey to the self is the cause as well as the basis for accompanying my clients. In order to accompany my clients in the best possible way, I continuously learn new things in further training courses and through my work. And that mainly in Dominica, Hawaii or Germany. German companies also use my change consulting, which I still offer at times. They are systems consisting of people and thus have the same healing needs as people.

Because I support both systems in the healing process, the circle of my vision closes: to accompany seeking people in their self-healing; so that it expands to their systems and thus supports the holistic healing of our home earth.

As a transformational coach, your most vigilant pathfinder and mindful challenger, I am happy to hold your space and accompany you on your path to your true self, because I walked this path myself.

Water is a blessing, wise,

because it binds us all

together, is the source of all

life & what we are

in the origin

My belief

I am convinced that with these 5 pathfinders you will discover your true self and thus find your ways

into a life that truly suits you.

Follow your heart

Because your heart is your best confidant, it knows your true self and your true path. From an early age, it shows you your talents, preferences and deepest desires. What really gives you joy comes from your heart, not from your mind. When we do what we love, we are in pure being and so connected to our true self.

Be attentively present

If you keep a watchful eye on what moves you, you will track down your motives and inner drives. In mindfulness, you are present. You consciously perceive: feelings, emotions, behaviour, words and the meaning you give to everything. In mindful presence we are close to our true self, because we do not value our thoughts.

Be willing to take responsibility

You show responsibility by staying true to yourself. You consciously recognize your motives and inner drives. Clearly about yourself, you then act hand in hand with your very self. We are responsible in harmony with our true self and act consciously, reflected. In this way you transform from the searching thinking person to the fulfilled being now. Your dreams find their way into the reality of your true being.

Be mercilessly honest

Because the path is guaranteed to be paved with stumbling blocks, it will throw you off track, cause you to fall or distract you from the path. If you are mercilessly honest with yourself and feel your inner truth, you will perceive your way as well as the wrong ways and distracting boosters. Remember, your heart knows the way. Successfully you meet your stumbling blocks truthfully and ready for painful moments. These are followed immediately by multiple joy, relief, happiness.

Remain true to yourself

Despite stumbling blocks and distractions on your way, keep in touch with your true self. Stay on your path. With certainty you will keep an eye on your vision and always feel your mission in your heart. This has so much power that you remain on your path like a magnet. Connected to yourself, you are true and satisfied.

My experience at
a glance

I became Transformational Coach through these life stages:

  • Finalized studies of Naturopath for Psychotherapy 2020
  • Somatic Experiencing Practitioner since 2020
  • Personal & Business Coach since 2016
  • Systemic & Team Coach since 2017
  • Dolphin Dance Therapist (aquatic Bodywork) since 2016
  • since 2013: Practitioner of Relating & Mirroring in water, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Reiki, Quantum harmony (Russian Healing modalities), SE (Somatic Experiencing for releasing traumatic experiences), Systemic Constellations (Psychodrama) and the knowledge of the Healing Practitioner for Psychotherapy
  • Dive & Freedive Instructor with 10 years teaching experiences in world-wide oceans & inland waters 
  • Masters Degree in Business Communications with 18 years experiences in corporate consulting & lecturing in Communications & Change
  • Vocational training and entrepreneur as Window Dresser for 9 years
  • …and Diver, Sailor, Kitesurfer, World traveler, Sea lover and Ocean defender, Nature lover, Amateur gardener, Amateur painter &photograph, Dog mom (my dog Nelson is visible on some pictures), Freedom advocate and Pathfinder with over 40 years experience and enjoyment of life, because I love what i do! 🙂


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