The term "business" on this website and in my universe is just a term that represents the economic actions of a person - in this case you. Business unfortunately still suggests the separation from the person who is doing the business. For a successful fulfilling life, however, the oneness of your "business" with you is a prerequisite.

Because if you build your own existence out of yourself, you don't copy someone else's business model - that wouldn't work. No. You start at the very beginning and first explore why resp. what for you want to build up this business in the first place.

What for are you building an existence out of yourself that economically supports itself?

If you now say: I want to make money, stop reading and leave my website. Then you have not yet understood the meaning of your life. You are welcome to come back later, once you have understood it. No. Making money is a logical consequence of your economic activities and not your first goal. Later on, you will set sales goals with your products as soon as it comes to growth.

But at the beginning you lay the first foundation stone, build your foundation and set yourself up storm-proof and goal-oriented. How do you do that?

Your first question is always: What is your why?

  • What do you want to contribute?
  • What are you here for?
  • What world do you want to see when you wake up in it tomorrow?

If you really want to walk freely on this earth, this foundation is indispensable. Without clarity about your truth, you remain a ping-pong ball for other people. And maybe you don't know it any other way from your life! Then you now know you want to change it because you are reading this blog article on my website. And so is your next question, if you don't want this anymore, what do you want instead?

That's the immediate question about your deeply desired lifestyle from every fiber and cell that you actually want to live. Instead of letting others tell you how to live - and that includes so-called authorities, agencies, corporations that want to exert more and more control over people - get to the bottom of your core and clean it up completely.

What you will always find then is a longing or your heart's desire for a meaning to your life. A meaningful action out of your true self. And here most people already fail like this:

  1. they have no idea what could be meaningful for them
  2. they do not know what or who their true self actually is
  3. they close up immediately because they don't know how they can find it out
  4. they don't see how this can be a promising approach to their life

But if you feel at this point that this is exactly what you want, you belong here: to this tribe of mentors of the new earth, who want to use their uniqueness to develop a pioneer business that wants to be a meaningful contribution to the world - even much more: to a connected New World! Then you are absolutely right here, because now your drive is awakened even more.

Your really free and fulfilled life needs your conscious decision

Yes, you are ready to step out of imposed limitations, system constraints and distractions that prevent you from living your nature. You have internalized that happiness, freedom, natural growth and health are in your own hands and cannot be determined, defined, vaccinated into people and controlled by any outside.

You know now that you may clear everything "from scratch" within yourself to be able to exist completely free, self-determined and independent and so you will also enter into limitless abundance!

Freedom is only possible as soon as you create your completely own way with your life!

What shows up on this way is up to your choices, perception, energy, mindset and your art of thinking. You can make your life a limitless total work of art and you will do it, as long as you believe in this possibility.

This is what my mentoring and coaching programs guide you in!

And this is what I stand by you for with my heart and mind and all my being, simply because I deeply believe that this is how we create a beautiful world together, where love instead of hate, connection instead of separation, growing and thriving instead of destruction prevail - simply because we live mercilessly our truth as unique human beings!

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