If you have persistent blockages, you always end up in the same emotional state in which you are really not doing so well. You may think then:

  • How will I ever get out of it?
  • Will I ever get out of it?
  • How many more times?

You may have already talked to many people about it, got lots of tips and tricks that supposedly help you immediately. But that's not the case.

Stubborn blockades are a complex collection of emotions, thoughts and incomplete actions. These accumulations are highly compressed because they are created in overwhelming moments when you have not had the time to think through the situation, regulate your emotions and act appropriately. Everything happened too fast or your system was simply not yet sufficiently developed to deal with the situation in a healthy way.

Babies and infants store most of such accumulations and displace them in their system because they cannot deal with the masses as such in any other way. Such blockages are then traumas. Especially in infancy we develop trauma symptoms because we have no connection to the mother, for example. She may not be present, may not take time for her baby because she is stuck in her own stress. The child learns: "I am alone" and develops a great fear of not being able to survive. It screams, calls for her to get help. But nobody comes to the baby. Thus an emotional cramp develops!

When the baby cries and screams and receives no attention, it gets stuck in this experience: it is traumatized.

6 Traumatic symptoms without "real" trauma

Without having experienced an accident, catastrophe or violence, it is traumatized! In order to understand why the effects on the baby can be so strong, please put yourself in its position: it lies there in the crib, alone, hungry, freezing, woke up at night, unable to sleep, not knowing what is happening to it - and no one comes to calm it down! Alone at night in the crib without a mother and human warmth - how would you feel?

A baby that learns to be alone so early learns also this:

  • it cannot trust its mother - and nobody else, it remains distrustful
  • it is alone, no matter how loudly it screams - and it has to do everything alone in life and lives in constant tension
  • it calls and screams and nobody comes - ergo: nobody sees or hears it and nobody is interested in him or her
  • it screams and fights so much for the mother - ergo: in life it gets nothing or only under the greatest effort
  • it struggles with all its strength for the attention of its mother, because otherwise it must die - and always lives in mortal fear and inner alarm
  • it tries so hard to reach its goal "mom" - and internalizes tense fear, anger and sadness and becomes hostile towards others
  • So the effects on a baby can be extremely damaging and can severely restrict the adult's life - for some even make it hell!

Why is this important to know?

Because today you can ask yourself if your blockages result from your early developmental history. You can ask yourself whether your symptoms fit in with the learning effects of this baby. Why this in turn helps you a lot is the resulting certainty that you cannot easily resolve your symptoms - whether through talk therapy, sports, meditation, spiritual practices, desires and prayers or visualization.

Such early childhood blockages are firmly programmed into your body cells through your feelings and emotions and your own evaluation of that time. And you are aware that a baby does not have a large portfolio of evaluation possibilities available to him to internalize things.

It internalizes these emotions:

  • Fear of death
  • Threat
  • Danger of attack
  • Vigilance
  • Distrust
  • Hostility
  • Delivery
  • Grief and anger about it

Do you also know these basic attitudes towards others well in your everyday life? Then it makes sense to look into your early childhood development and find out if you lacked attention, closeness, affection, warmth, being welcome, connection and acceptance.

The baby can already block feelings in this way:

  • tensed heart area
  • stomach cramps, pain
  • shortness of breath / shallow breathing / tightness in the chest
  • inner tension and restlessness

and later it might develop diseases like these:

  • urinary tract infections and cystitis
  • Renal diseases
  • Cardiac arrhythmias
  • Joint diseases
  • Overweight
  • Insomnia
  • Depressions
  • and much more.

Every person processes these early childhood experiences differently. Therefore the effects of the blockages are also individual. While some people develop hardly any symptoms due to early neglect, others may develop a number of diseases. For a long time, no symptoms may appear and later some may become more severe. Nobody knows this beforehand.

It is important to know:

You are not at the mercy of these symptoms

Why do so many people think that they can't do anything? Do you think that too?

Look: if you already created your own blockades as a baby - hey, already as a baby you had such a tremendous power! - then as an adult you can dissolve them even more! Sounds logical, doesn't it? And so it is!

You have the full creative power to free yourself from these blockades! You created them at that time unconsciously - out of necessity. Today you can consciously dissolve them again. As I said before, this does not work with many approaches that exist.

To really release blockages from your system, trauma healing methods are needed. With a somatic approach you really reach your blockages and dissolve them. This works because you:

  1. proceed gently
  2. act in a controlled manner
  3. are in professional company
  4. follow your individual feeling
  5. listen to your individual body signals
  6. and nobody tells you how to do it

You see, you can do something! You can free yourself from these experiences and rewrite your history.
You can now choose the path of freedom and free yourself from the burdens of your development.
You can now walk your path and live your dream!

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