“Success does not come from having one’s work recognised by others. It is the fruit of the seed that you lovingly planted.”
Paulo Coelho  -

What are you already lovingly planting out of yourself without making an effort?

Things you plant with love, you do with your heart. It is the place where your love dwells. The moment in which you plant from your heart, you are in a loving state. Whether it is self-love or some other type, it is universal love. The essence that connects us all.

This is the state in which you give your love to others and keep it at the same time. Love resonates with love and comes back to us. It is radiated and attracted through the heart (more about resonance in the blog “How to Distinguish the Calling of Your Heart from the Calling of Your Ego”). When others feel your love, they are connected with their own and let it flow back.

The one who is in a state of love, is in the true self

Once you are in contact with your love, your essence, you enter your true self. That is how you reach others in their true core and may inspire them to be truly themselves. In this way, you reach many people and their close ones in their truthfulness. Love is the energy that spreads and connects. In doing so, you help to create a more loving world.

What is it good for to be in a more truthful and loving world?

This can be a legitimate question. Isn't it much easier to live according to the rules of the masses and thus remain more or less undamaged and calm? Whether that would be the case, remains questionable. Whether this will actually be good for you over the long term, can almost certainly be answered with no. Ask yourself how you feel about the question. Would that be an option for you?

  • And if so, where would it lead you?
  • To happiness or to dissatisfaction, harmony, conflicts, commitment or demotivation and to well-being or to physical signs of discomfort?
  • Maybe you know the downward spiral well and want to turn it into the opposite?
  • If you are reading this article, are you perhaps one of those who feel their desire for a life capable of being entirely their own?

A very first step leads you towards your merciless honesty. From there, you reach your own self and discover your unique puzzle pieces, which represent your synthesis of the arts.

All those who live in the true self cultivate their uniqueness

Basically that's what it's all about! To live truthfulness means to discover its uniqueness and to experience which gifts you have to carry into this world in order to make it more loving, better, wider, more binding and more beautiful. That does not only good the others, but also you with all consequence.

What is your uniqueness good for?

A world in which you can be as unique as you are offers you room. In this world you can grow and expand with your desires, ideas and vocation. You will become the person you truly are and wish to be. The more you explore yourself, the more your existence and your activities shape in the right direction for you. Looking closely, each person is completely individual. Your imprints, values and perceptions are not to be found again anywhere in this mixture.

If each person would live his or her unique mixture to its fullest, he or she would be completely aware of himself or herself and his or her path, which fully corresponds to him or her. Mindful people are clear and ready to take responsibility for themselves and their actions. This also makes them ready to take their own paths and inspire others to do so. Such people recognize their gifts and tasks more comprehensively in their conscious being and take responsibility for these.

Being conscious and truthful leads you directly into a successful life because you are in loving contact with yourself, your talents, gifts, bounties. Anything you take in your hands on this path, you transform into long-lasting fruits.

Cultivating your uniqueness as a natural way of cooperation

At this point it becomes clear how you become successful in a natural way: out of your very unique being. Isn't it obvious that you can't and don't have any competition in this naturalness? Nobody is like you!

If you just truthfully remain yourself, you will shine clearly as a star in the universe and have your own place. The right place for the prosperity of the whole and for the benefit of all. When you do the right thing at your place, isn't it obvious that you cooperate quite naturally from there?

To accomplish your task, which you alone have, you get in contact with the life outside in order to support others in their tasks. In a way that they can find their place. Isn't cooperation the only possible and deeply natural thing at this point?

Those who cooperate are lovingly connected with themselves and the world

As a human being who helps others from the bottom of the heart to find their place, you feel it: your connection with yourself and the world. In a state of loving and natural exchange for the benefit of the whole, you have no connection to competitive culture and its struggles. Competition means separation from yourself and others. How could a more beautiful loving world with fighting, split-off individuals be created?

In a state of inner connectedness, you create from your heart this more peacefully connected world. A world in which unique individuals naturally merge with other unique individuals. In order to recognize this deep truth, we only need to focus our perception onto nature: plants co-exist this way in various symbioses in a fantastic interplay that results in a globally harmonious whole.

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