What's happiness?

How does happiness feel? How does happiness feel for you? How do you wish to experience happiness?

Perhaps you know sentences like: “Maybe you're lucky” or “We get no joy anyway”. As if happiness were an imponderable element that crosses the universe and moodily chooses to whom it goes and who it skips. As if you had no influence on the happiness in your life and had to wait humbly for it to come to you. Anyone who believes that will probably rarely be visited by happiness.

Guidance for happiness: 3 steps to bring happiness into your life

Happiness comes to you as soon as you create it. All the requirements are there for you to create it yourself and cultivate it as a lasting power.

By starting today, you will find more and more your own way to bring it into your life. Since we all start at a certain point, this 3-step guide offers you one of many possibilities to cultivate your happiness as an essential part of your life.

Well, let's get started!

Step 1: desires made from the heart

Have you had a heart's desire for a long time that already motivates you to make it come true? Are you perhaps dreaming of a Sabbatical year or your own sailboat on which you want to work with clients? Thinking about it, you see yourself in this vision and you start floating inside! A dream, that's where you wanna go! Even if you are not fully aware of the reason why you desire this, your motives are inside you. They recharge your heart with their energy, which is very fascinating.

Suddenly you realize: “Here comes exactly the one thing into my life that I wished for and imagined about 2 years ago”. You might see a co-working offer on sailing boats that you always imagined like this. Or you might meet a person who tells you something that will have a decisive influence on your next step on your heart path. In such moments, you can clearly feel the connection between the event and your desire. You simply know that you have come to the right place.

Step 2: consciously feel your creative powers

What does that feel like? Do you feel your heart connection to this now occurring event? Right now, you are getting crucial signs that bring you closer to your desire. And there it is! Do you feel the gratitude? It is the gratitude that opens your heart wide and makes you feel so good. Connect yourself with the feeling of this deep gratitude and perceive it for a moment.

Also, feel the situation. How is it going here and how does it feel? Do you feel your heart giving signals that this situation reflects your path? It gives you clarity and the inner peace of confidence. You simply know right now, I am in my desire and it is just being fulfilled a bit more. Since you are able to perceive this consciously, the connection to yourself is intensified.

Ask yourself here: “What am I really grateful for? For the fulfilled desire? Or for becoming aware that I can create my own path here as part of the universe?” The fact that you experience consciously and simultaneously how you create your own reality may overwhelm you at first. This is because most of the time we are afraid of our strength than of our failure. This fact can deeply affect you to experience your great creative power live on the spot.

Step 3: recognize gratitude as (self)-love

Give this touching moment more room. You might notice that this feeling is changing. Your deep gratitude becomes emotion. Now, you feel deeply touched because you know your creativity. With this realization, even more energy flows through you, which you can experience as love. It is the pure essence of you: love for yourself and for your natural connection to the whole. Love for your ability to create and for your true being right from the heart.

At this point, you charge your heart with much more of the love that is already flowing through you. In doing so, you strengthen the love in yourself and in your environment: through your heart you attract even more love and gratitude. That will deeply touch you again and make you even more grateful. Love can only grow!

Appreciate what you still desire to achieve

Now, if you want to go one step further, stay in the wonderful feeling of unity and deep gratitude. Feel grateful now for what you are still trying to achieve! Nonsense? No, not at all!

As soon as you charge your heart with love and gratitude for the things that have not yet come true, you immediately start pulling them into your life. Be as grateful as if your wish had already been fulfilled. Since time is relative, everything is already there! All you have to do is open your door and pave the way. Door openers and pathfinders are your gratitude for the fulfillment of desires in this moment. That way, you change your perception and from now on this desire is already real fulfilled for your system.

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