Are you among those people who truly would like to live their lives from the heart?

Then you might also have experienced the oppressive moments when you doubt everything in between: are you really right? So why don't you follow the simple path? Why does everything take so long? For what is all this actually? And many other questions come into your mind and make you feel paralysed.

Then you might not dare to do anything! Alternatively, you remember voices from your past that made you believe you couldn't make it? Such inner voices tell you such things as:

  • ‘You can't do that!’
  • ‘That's not how it should be!’
  • ‘What do you actually think why you should be able to do that?’
  • ‘No one does something like that, therefore you better not do it either.’
  • ‘Take a look around, do you see anyone who does something that crazy?’
  • ‘Why don't you do that? It's well paid and you can enjoy your free time.’
  • ‘The other people certainly have the necessary money and can afford such a dream life. You haven't, so forget it!’

Such sentences result from and into the famous stumbling blocks of your path. They come from your past and have power as long as you give this power to them. You give them this power by still believing in them. Your belief in this “truth” creates new negative emotions that block and anchor in your system. In such moments, they can bring you days that feel as dull as the weather out there. You have then sent your motivation on holiday and your ideas on how to carry on fulfilling your dream just seem absurd.

Stop! Don't believe these inner negative voices!

Instead, appreciate that they speak to you. In such moments it is very important to finally give these voices the space and attention they have been trying to get for so long. Until now, you have quickly suppressed them in order to teach yourself better by using your mind. However, the voices keep appearing.

They are justified and come from your safety officer — your ego. Our ego is being torn apart a lot to the point of unsuccessful attempts to completely detach itself from it. However, it belongs to you and only wants to protect you from danger. That's why it likes to keep you in your familiar comfort zone, where you are supposedly safe. This secures your survival — that is good. At the same time it slows you down when you try to grow into your full strength. This power is the motor of your vehicle, which is close to your heart, with which you wish to create a free life according to your needs.

Instead of letting yourself be pulled down by your ego voices, perceive them, pay ATTENTION to them, and recognize their origin, their meaning. Parallel to this, continue to shape your desired path. These things can happen simultaneously: recognizing and releasing blockades, then manifesting dreams further. Recognize and release blockades and turn dreams into reality again. Numerous energetic tools and ways are available to you to do all that. Many you will find on these pages and many you will learn in the sessions with me.

A wonderful path that you can always use alone is to transform these things in peaceful time with yourself in nature.

Nature — the filling station for fulfilling life energy

As soon as you are in nature — in sun, rain, snow, storm or calm — your energy batteries will recharge immediately! The energy flows directly through you and floods you with pure life. In no time negative thoughts and their feelings and emotions have been laid o rest. Your braking voices disappear. You get inspired!

3 ways, how nature immediately inspires you

1 . Nature always catapults you into the here and now!

You feel it as soon as you enter your favourite walk in the green countryside and all tarmac and concrete with its buzzing sounds disappear from your awareness. Like a shower, the fresh green environment purifies you from the inside and makes you feel light. To do this, consciously perceive your surroundings: the trees with the shape of their branches and the movements of the leaves waving to you. Birds singing right next to you or blackberries inviting you to nibble. Smell the air, take a look into the distance: what do you see? Then: what do you feel? Where do you feel it? What is happening NOW and HERE to you, as you walk in the midst of nature and perceive yourself as part of this life? Do you feel the connection to this natural life that is happening now?

2. In nature, you immediately connect with life out there.

If you feel dull, depressed, frustrated and stuck in your flow, the quickest way out is to take a purifying walk in nature. When I say that, I mean a quiet walk to see the details of life out there. If you can curiously watch the frogs in the grass, or the horses of the surrounding farms grazing and enjoy the bees because they collect their nectar headfirst in the flowers of the bushes and flowers, you are part of this life. These animals, visible to you or not, also perceive you. You and your presence, and they behave differently as soon as you approach them. When you observe the variety of plants, the colours of the sun and its light, that it flows on your skin and gives the landscape its colours — different in every moment, how do you perceive yourself? As a part of this picture? As a part of the energy that surrounds you now? You may also feel that you perceive everything through your senses: through your eyes, your nose, your groping fingers, your ears hearing the sounds. Everything lives through you. How can you not be directly connected with this nature and its life here? Do you feel the freshness, the inner vastness, your gratitude and your motivation again?

3. In nature, you can find yourself, you can root yourself in the earth.

Connected to nature, not only your negative thoughts disappear. The closer you get to it, with bare feet on the grass or sand, with your hands and arms on the trees or with both feet and arms in the river mud — the stronger is this connection between you and nature: you get yourself and receive all its life energy. Now you might feel the power rising up in you, the joy and enthusiasm for this life that you have and are allowed to feel here so wonderfully. Now, ideas for the realisation of your dreams and concrete next steps are coming to you again. What is happening here? The energy of nature flows through your body cells and activates your self-healing powers such as happiness hormones, messenger substances, immune system boosters and much more. Your heart is filled with this transformation and radiates it through you. Your tensions give way to this new creative power. Your own energy becomes free and flows back into you with full power. It makes you vital and enthusiastic to create as well as mentally flexible and creative.

Nature is life. It is a blessing that you can connect with at any time and root yourself in it healthily. Doesn't it deserve the greatest possible protection, like you?

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