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You have been following your heart for a long time and following the path you dreamed of. By creating the conditions you desire, you can live and work the way you have dreamed of for a long time. You have long been certain that this is your true heart's path and that you have found your calling. However, you never really achieve your goal of being free and independent on this path. Something still is stuck in the gear. And each time something different.

You also have already worked so much on possible causes for your inner brakes and reflected yourself, so that you slowly can't think of anything else that could be the problem. Not a good feeling. That's for sure. You might have more and more doubts about your perception, whether this is really your heart's path. Maybe you wonder why you haven't seen the missing piece yet.

Stumbling blocks as signposts

Don't you worry! Simply stay with yourself and trust your self-perception calmly! The whole path is not always the wrong one when individual stumbling blocks appear on it. Some are simply more stubborn than others. Instead, perhaps you should ask yourself which tasks these stumbling blocks mean for you. What should you solve here, in order to be able to finally continue your path successfully?

Such blockades can be found as your tasks in many aspects of life and have causes that do not have to concern you directly. After all, none of us is a loner in the world and part of a collective. In other words, you not only carry your own task packages and blockades through life, but possibly also those of your collective whole.

To be part of a collective simply means to be part of a system: system humanity, nation, region, residential area, family, etc. And there is often a lot of old stress hidden that has spread to you:

1. Systemic stress

As part of a system, you are part of a community. You are part of your family of origin, your family system. Alternatively, you may be part of your own current family, your current family system. In addition, you might belong to other systems such as a fixed work environment, a flat-sharing community, a circle of friends or a digital community. Whoever you regularly get in contact with, you are part of this environment, the respective system.

During adulthood, we notice irritations in the system and can eliminate them. As a child we may also notice them, but usually we do not have the necessary resources to correct them. At this point we internalize a variety of system stress out of a natural limitation, which we can only release from our body system as adults. However, what if that doesn't completely help you realize your desires?

In that case it is worth taking a look at your ancestral system. For instance, as a woman you are part of your female lineage: the lineage of your mother, your grandmother, your great-grandmother and their mother, etc. Possibly from the very beginning, the female lineage has followed the traditional roles of woman: as wife, mother, housewife, child-raiser, and caregiver at home. If you are someone who does not correspond to this image at all, you may have been trying for a long time to build a free and independent life for yourself. Somehow, however, you only succeed partially or with great effort.

The energy from the traditional system of your female lineage has a strong effect on you and thus against you. It prevents you from coming into your full power and realizing your dream life. Every information from the ancestral lineage is stored in your body cells and unfortunately cannot be thought away with your mind. In this way, you can feel the reason why you cannot reach your goal despite well-thought-out strategies. Your system blocks you because it doesn't let you walk your path. These are blockades of your ancestral line, which you may finally dissolve today!

2. Emotional stress

Out of this systemic blockade, emotional stress develops. Repeatedly you experience similar failures and develop more negative thoughts and emotions due to your negative experience. There are many other causes of emotional stress besides systemic stress. Such obstructive emotions are the result of experienced events or believed circumstances. When similar situations occur, the experiences and beliefs recall the same emotions that you stored in the past.

However, if you do not solve the causes of the emotional stress at this point, no clever strategies will help you to achieve your goals, because your inner saboteur, the emotions, will always hinder you. In most cases every new attempt creates the same experiences and thus even more of such negative experiences. As a result, you accumulate even more frustration because you simply cannot break through this wall. All the energy from the former experience is more powerful than your mind could ever think.

3. Physical stress

Physical stress is what precedes or follows emotional or systemic stress. This can include insomnia, discomfort due to emotions or signs of illness and similar symptoms such as headaches/migraines, back pain, cardiac arrhythmia, irritability, dizziness and much more. Certain situations or people can cause physical stress because you associate them with a negative impact on your life.

Now you project the emotions, ideas and beliefs outside onto people, circumstances, places and situations and thereby create the signs of physical stress within you. First and foremost this happens unconsciously, after all, who wants to hurt oneself consciously? Patterns, lack of alternatives and learned things are reflected in such cycles and cause complaints.

Often everything is entangled: systemic, emotional and physical stress. Which type of stress is the decisive factor is hardly comprehensible, since the triggering impulses are linked to different influences. In order to unravel the causes of the individual types of stress, we need methods from energetic naturopathy. Since your mind cannot understand the entanglements of an often generation-spanning time, you will find solutions in energy and systemic work. It reaches the information in the largest memory of your body: trillions of body cells.


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