Water is life. Water gives life. Water heals life.

Water is the source of all life. We are created in water — the amniotic fluid — and we are predominantly water. This water keeps us alive. And so water can also heal us.

Strictly speaking, it is you who heals yourself and the water helps you because in water you activate your natural self-healing powers in various ways. Your body resonates with the water, relaxes on many levels and can thus release emotional blockades. Water also purifies your body and supplies your entire physique with the necessary elixir of life, water.

Once you have established this basic supply of water — mental, emotional and physical health — you are the closest to your true self, in a completely natural way. In contact with this truthfulness we can really clarify our real motives for our life path that suits us. That way you can shape your dream life with secure inner clarity in truthfulness.

Water — your primordial element — brings you to your true self

The exciting 14 mysterious healing powers of water show you how water can help you to be completely with yourself and to activate and stimulate your natural self-healing powers.

If you constantly connect with your primordial element water, you come closer and closer to your true self and can thus shape your unique path of life more and more.

14 mysterious healing powers of water that bring you closer to your true self

  1. Relaxation: water relaxes you on many different levels when you look at it, when you hear it flowing or rushing, when you perceive its expanse on the sea. And when you simply move in it, dive in it, float in it or drift silently on it, feel how it envelops you, smell it. Water loosens your inner tensions and releases trapped emotions and stress. At the same time it stimulates your natural play instinct because relaxation frees.
  2. Bearing power: water carries you and fosters your trust. It makes you feel safe and reminds your body cells of home — your origin in the amniotic sac. If you constantly build up your sense of basic trust, you will do the best you can to heal the causes of psychological and emotional symptoms.
  3. Warmth: body warm water increases this trust because it leads your body to the beginning of its life, where it was able to anchor security in water in its first phase of life. Early irritations in the amniotic sac can thus be positively transformed and stays in water as well as other life circumstances can be facilitated.
  4. Hydration from the inside: water calms when you drink it. If your body is always sufficiently hydrated, you will feel noticeably better. Water purifies your body of toxins and supplies all tissues with healthy liquids. You are simply more vital and prevent possible illnesses.
  5. External Hydration: on the outside, your body absorbs water through the skin to hydrate and hydrate your largest organ. A shower in the warm rain or under a waterfall also has an extremely beneficial effect on your entire bodily experience and liveliness.
  6. Natural diving reflex: as soon as your face is in the water and you hold your breath, your natural diving reflex turns on. Your heartbeat slows down and your blood circulation centralizes to supply the vital organs.  Slowly, your physical body is spared (more relevant in free-diving).
  7. Gentle movement: easy movement in water promotes your mental health because your brain is 14% better supplied with blood and thus vitalised: your cognitive, language and social skills improve. If that isn't good news for lack of concentration and general mental fatigue!
  8. Vitality: your mental performance gets a small turbo boost, as the neurotransmitter acetylcholine is released in water and improves your learning, movement and memory. All body functions are better controlled by a more vital brain. Health feeling all around!
  9. Feelings of happiness: your stay in water stimulates your natural play instinct (your inner child), since our friends serotonin and dopamine are released. Your mood continues to push and you feel light and powerful.
  10. Agility: the positive effect of water on the brain has a direct influence on your behaviour and your emotional responsiveness. The range of your possible actions suddenly expands in a more gentle, benevolent and loving direction. And if you can feel love in your being and doing, it automatically stimulates your health and well-being.
  11. Water can do even more: being in water and drinking enough water generally sharpens your sensory perception. Your senses are simply “better oiled” and run smoother like a well-oiled motor. Perhaps you have already noticed your particularly awake state when snorkelling?
  12. Symptom reduction: blood pressure and stress drop immediately in water. Due to the immediate relaxation and the onset of the diving reflex under water, the body supplies only the most important organs with sufficient blood and less the extremities. This benefits both the organs and the circulation. Breathing techniques and light movement, e.g. with Aquatic Flow, reinforce this healthy effect even further.
  13. Trauma-relieving effect: in water, the post-traumatic flight and combat reflex calms down. This is because the relaxed state of your body releases the emotions blocked by the trauma from the tissues. Your body thus recognizes no need to use the fighting or flight reflex. Instead, it learns trust and security. Traumas in this state can be optimally integrated into the body's natural energy flow. Their disturbing symptoms diminish more and more or disappear completely.
  14. Water enables new positive experiences because with all the advantages mentioned above you are absolutely present and much more vital in it than outside the water. More vitally, more awake and happier you anchor multi-layered positive emotions and body feelings, which has altogether good healing effects on your overall condition. Water is a blessing!

At least these 14 reasons, for which water has a positive effect on your well-being and your way of life, motivate me from my heart to offer you the magical power of this primordial element as a natural healing treatment. In the Aquatic SelfSeT you can experience live how you resonate in water and how well you can feel in these gentle flow movements.

Aquatic SelfSeT is ideal to support your natural self-healing holistically and truthfully. And best of all, you don't need to verbalize personal issues as other treatments more or less require. Aquatic SelfSeT always picks you up where you are and the way you need it right now.

Now flow gently into your next phase of life

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With Aquatic SelfSeT you flow more gently into your next life phase than in any other treatment. You hardly or even not at all notice how deeply the treatment affects your body system. Instead, you relax more and more and feel very comfortable long after the treatment. The reason may be that you don't have to do anything. The warm water and the fact that you are passive and slowly moved take over “the work” for you.

In your deeply relaxed state you can effectively release blockades. Sometimes you get clarifying messages from your system that support the process. How multi-layered this process of reprogramming takes place in the body can be perceived afterwards through slight exhaustion or the need for rest. Your body needs its time to process new things and let go of old ones.

In the Aquatic SelfSeT treatments you softly transform more and more to the person you wish to be and into the life that you desire so much.

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