With the first day of your journey, the magic begins for you because you will follow your heart and finally literally walk your way. By setting out and beginning your dream journey, you will experience situations that in your routine everyday life at home usually remain closed to you. Situations that show you invaluable things about your true being because they reveal your deepest desires, fulfil your oldest wishes and make clear to you what you no longer want or which of them suits you in a different way.

Along the way it becomes more and more clear how you actually want to live your dream. You adapt things, change things and try new things. In this way you create this world for yourself with your own always present creative power... Now you could ask yourself whether such magic cannot happen to you at home. Surely you will experience situations in every environment that give you important insights into yourself.

However, on journeys it is a whole new ballgame! Travelling over weeks, months or even years is wandering, and thus a life without the time and space limits of home. On your way you are basically on your own without your social and societal restraints, completely alone with yourself and completely with your expectations and ideas. You are in a constantly creative process, a deeply natural state for us humans.

Which magical states bring you closer to your true self on your travels?

1. Your mission from the bottom of your heart

This mission of the heart is what drives you so deeply. Your why dwelling in the heart. What drives you deeply is essential for you, for your happiness and your true (higher) self, because it is the path of your soul in this life. You feel this importance through the duration and intensity of your mission. It has always been felt and manifested in many facets throughout your life. This is what takes you on journeys to the magical places, to the magical moments and to the people leading you on.

By giving space to your heart — the vehicle of your soul mission — by following this mission, you charge it with such a strong positive energy that shines out through the heart. Nowadays we know that our heart acts like a magnet. Its shining energy attracts corresponding moments, people and situations on the outside of this energy, which thus form step by step your dream world in reality.

It becomes even more magical when your heart attracts much more than your conscious desires! Things about which you have not been aware until now: circumstances and encounters that give you even greater and further answers for possible greater and further perspectives. In such moments it slowly becomes clear to you that you are a meaningful part of the universe and thus play an important role in this big whole. And what you could, should, want, can create for yourself according to this role... Do you see your possibilities?

2. Your sharpened senses on journeys

When you travel around the world self-determined, your senses are automatically more awake than at home because you are always reorienting yourself in a new environment, which is quite natural because you fulfil your need for security. So in a strange, unfamiliar environment you are always looking for new solutions for something fundamental like: Where do I sleep tonight, next week or at all? How do I get from A to B? Who can I ask? How do I transport my things safely to the next place? Where do I get the next meal from? What happens if I have a car breakdown in the jungle? And much more...

Your senses focus on many possible events and reflect both your fears and your trust. The situations and foreign cultures with different people's behaviour can trigger fear in you or stimulate your openness for new things. They can increase your ability to communicate or sharpen your intuition for human motives. There is always learning potential, which you will face according to your personal topics.

It becomes magical when you meet a person in intense situations who can help you just as much as you need it the most. And all this in an environment where you wouldn't have imagined anyone matching you. It is beautiful if you can perceive it so clearly.... The gratitude and the deep feeling of connectedness fill you particularly deeply in these moments. Perhaps there is a feeling of charity and love for yourself. With your being and the messages from the heart, you have attracted the help that you now needed. If that doesn't create self-confidence in you...;-).

3. Your magical encounters along your way

Birds of a feather flock together. That's definitely true. Particularly out and about you attract similarly motivated people as light attracts moths and flies — and vice versa. The reasons why this is the case can be seen in points 1 and 2. If two or more people with similarly emotionally charged information in their hearts travel around the world and are looking for similar places for these similar reasons, they are most likely to find each other in the right place at the right time. After all, these people will then have to clarify common issues with each other that will bring them significantly forward in their respective lives. Luckily, nature sees to that.

You may be surprised to meet so many people who have similar dreams and ideas like you when you meet like-minded people on the way. Most of the time the chemistry is right from the very beginning. Looking closer, you may not believe how similar you seem to be. The magic of this encounter bubbles over when you get inspiring ways and possibilities for your dream life served up on a silver platter. Yes, it is possible! And yes, you are right because you are on your way into your dream life! Others have also made it and you can do it, too!

Sometimes these encounters can become so much more because the same dreams and life plans are the substance from which friendships develop. Or maybe also joint companies or projects? Or everything together? Depending on which role the encounter plays for your life, it accompanies you on your way into your free world because it has already gone the way. Alternatively, it can stand by your side differently and provide you with helpful tips or moral support. Be especially attentive to such encounters and take a lot of time to see who this person could be in your life and how that person enchants you...

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