True success — isn't that what you achieve, when you have wished it from the bottom of your heart?

Something has happened — the result of your ideas, dreams, goals and actions. What you have wished for, you have brought to SUCCESS. It has happened and you are still celebrating the elation of incomprehensible success!

Why true success comes from the heart

Everyone talks about being successful and making their dreams come true. But what does that mean?

What is success for you?

Are those external signs that let others know that you are doing something that enables you to afford expensive things, success? Or the beautiful things, the luxury car, the big house and the long journeys you afford? Enjoying your free time after long and hard work? Does it prove that you are successful?

That may be the case, and it's all right. Always ask yourself: “Do these things deeply fill me? What is it that really fulfils me in the long run from the bottom of my heart?”

Mostly, we chase the visible luxury goods on the outside, which should prove to us how successful we are. And buy more of them. And then even more. The wish list never ends and the car may no longer trigger a feeling of elation. The house has also lost space and light in the meantime and is disturbing its neighbours. And the grass in the garden isn't as green as in your friends' gardens.

In that case, there's something wrong with your concept of success. If you become dissatisfied again after short phases of the successful feeling, it was therefore no success because this remains with you and fulfils you in the long run. It doesn't need any second help to restore the joy in it. True joy of success will remain with you forever and you can always connect with this feeling. But if you no longer feel deep joy when thinking of your external goods, we can hardly speak of success.

Why matters of the heart make truly successful

So, if true success is the one that remains tangible in your heart forever, it's not the luxury goods that make success happen because at some point they lose importance.

True success tends not to be seen in things we can buy. It becomes visible when you realize your real dreams in your heart, those that drive you all your life to make them come true. They are magical magnets in your heart that shape your true path and must inevitably lead to success if you truly follow your heart.

How great the joy is when you have fulfilled your life's dream or other dreams in between, you may know from yourself or others around you. This joy catapults you five levels further because you can feel it in every cell of your body.

That's the joy that you will remember for the rest of your life, and that will keep you going and confirm that you can achieve great things.

How to truly turn your dreams into success with this 4-step-strategy

2. Feel and visualize your idea of success

On the first level you might have a deep longing for a lifestyle à la “life is a beach”. You literally see yourself sitting on tropical beaches all over the world and maybe working online or doing something completely different on the place where you can make a living. You feel wonderfully free because you can do what you like, what you want and the way you want to. With this fantasy you connect so much personal gain for yourself that your emotions are accordingly intense, as if you could leave immediately because you can't stand to be here any more, instead of in your inner imagination on the beach.

What the beach looks like is of secondary importance here, and how you will get there doesn't matter at the moment. What is important here is your feeling. How do you feel in this scenario and what exactly creates this feeling? Become aware of these details and feel more deeply. Is it the details of the vegetation or just the climate or maybe life on the beach? Which scenes take place there? What exactly is it that pulls you there and what makes you feel really happy there?

If you are in this picture, give this feeling space and time and let it sink in properly and integrate. Also, let the emotions of the details that are spreading in you slowly take over their whole space. Stay in this state of feeling and enjoy it until the picture has solidified and your emotions no longer change or intensify. This is the moment, when you send it into the universe as a dream. You have anchored the emotions and body perceptions and visualized the images for it. Both in combination now lies as a goal in your heart. We know that our heart works like a magnet. It attracts what it radiates.

2. Let go of everything and don't think about it

In the next step you just let go of the picture and the emotions. They are firmly anchored in you. The stronger your emotions are in addition, the deeper you carry this idea in your heart and the stronger it radiates. Therefore, you may simply trust that your wish will really come true in this way or in a similar way. Without thinking about it, you can now continue to do what you enjoy doing.

Your wishful thinking, dream or goal is now part of your energy field and will gradually attract what fits this image and feeling. These can be small parts, first doors that open. Encounters that take you further. Lessons, books, signs, statements from people, situations that reflect your desire and many other small signs that remind you of your vision.

3. Read the signs and take the steps

With this, you are on the third stage, which is to sensitize you to the signs that will appear in your life from now on. This can be, for example, an intuition with which you find a certain book “by chance” on a shelf with friends or in a hotel, which fits thematically to your dream. In it, you might find a contact address of the author that you can write to. Maybe you will get further contacts there, which will lead you to your next step. This can be a further training in a place where you have never been before.

In the wake of this energy flux — Flow — the signs and your action already mix. You automatically take steps in the right direction because you are already right in the middle of shaping your desired future — your success. Receiving signs and creating them now go hand in hand because your heart gives the mission outside. So, your senses are selectively aligned to your goal and perceive the signs. And your mind recognizes which steps it has to follow to get closer to the aim.

And suddenly, you become aware of the power of this wake and that you are on your way to realize your wish or perhaps also to adapt it. You realize consciously that you are creating your reality. And this confirms to you your great creative power, the power with which you get more fulfilment. The true success energy that your heart exudes.

4. Recognize the finishing straight and celebrate your victory

One day you will realize that you are successful when your intermediate objective is reached or your dream is fulfilled. When you then look back, all paths, detours, obstacles and influences make total sense, because that is how you have reached your goal. Once you realize that you can create your true success the way you want it to be, there is only one thing: celebrate this stage extensively and make yourself aware of every obstacle on the path.

Feel every feeling of this path and see how you came through it. What were your resources, your power, your emotional intelligence and intuition? What were signs, helpers, pioneers and guides? Internalize all the successes along the way by appreciating every detail and being deeply grateful for it. By doing so, you connect more with yourself and the nature — the field in which you have manifested.

The joy of living doubles your goal achievement because it firstly keeps you on your way, and secondly attracts even more satisfaction and fulfilment for exactly that way. Therefore, the true celebration is for good reason an important part of continuing to be successful. The positive power of fulfilling wishes will remain much stronger with you.

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