Water is life

Even more: it is the origin of all life. We originate from the water — the amniotic fluid. We mainly consist of water. Where, if not in water, are we completely with ourselves?

Reasons why water leads you directly to yourself

As soon as you are in warm water, your mind and body relax immediately. Your body knows this environment well from its time in the amniotic sac. Your body cells remember and resonate. You notice this as soon as you lie down in the warm bathtub and instantly come to rest.

To be in water also means for us “mammals” to be at home because water is also our source of life. What makes our stay in water easier is our natural diving reflex, which is activated immediately as soon as our face is immersed in water. So you don't have to be a fish to be at home in water!

Historically throughout evolution we are at home when we are in water. Feeling safe there alone has a healing effect on our entire body system. The safe and secure feeling relaxes our whole system. We find the way to ourselves. In harmony with us in true being we feel deep well-being, joy and vitality. We feel pure life.

On a holistic level this life flows through everything on our home earth, because it moves in a constant cycle through everything: through rivers, rain, lakes, seas, groundwater, ice, steam, drinking water, body fluids as well as through plants, animals and all life forms and through our bodies.

All universal information and man-made influences flow with the body, which are absorbed on its endless journey and constantly processed in its molecular structure and chemical composition. Information and compositions that our bodies reach at least through our drinking water supply. Sadhguru tells us what water can do and how we can treat it better for our holistic well-being:

Since water is your home, it can heal you

Water can probably heal you in a much more versatile way than we already are experiencing today. Once you are in warm water, what is immediately apparent is the relaxation of your body and your emotional state. Your mind releases and positive emotions flow immediately. And that is the fascinating aspect: in water you release already blocked emotions without having to do anything about it or to know the background. Their first layer is only released by staying in water.

If you are then passively set into gentle movement in warm water, this dissolution process already goes into the deeper levels of your body system. You come into an intense state of basic trust. A state in which new positive experiences are possible. These new experiences anchor themselves anew in your system by releasing your blocked negative emotions and overwriting them in a simplified way. Your experience on certain topics becomes a new and more pleasant one. A complex process in your body that usually feels easy because you don't have to do anything about it.

Water has so many healing effects that it gently and effectively helps you come closer to your true self. It really helps you to find out who you are and how you really want to shape your life. According to your very own essence, what you are.

And whoever walks the true path is automatically in healing. And who decides for healing, automatically approaches one's true self, with which one can really shape a dream life.

Water is a blessing for your unique path

The fact that water has such a many-sided healing effect on us makes it the core element of my offer to you: in the Aquatic Flow.

In Aquatic SelfSeT you flow so gently into your next phase of life as in no other treatment. The deep effective Aquatic Flow treatments don't require you to make your story a subject of discussion and let you be completely with yourself as it suits you. The warm water and your calm body movements take on “the work” for you. They help you to become more and more the person you want to be and to become freer and freer.

Have a go at it.

Whether with or without a direct issue, your Aquatic SelfSeT will noticeably make you deeply feel good. You want to learn more? Join my community and get an idea!

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