If things aren't going so well right now and you wonder why things are going so wrong at the moment, you're probably at this point: in a mental congestion in the tunnel due to a lack of thinking.

Two obstacles with a big effect

  1. Focus on sense of lack
  2. Pure through your thinking

The two of them multiply each other and create this grey discomfort, which has such a hardening effect inside. A lack of thinking is the constant focus on the negative, on what is supposedly missing, on things that do not work and that “should be better”.

If you are stuck in negative thoughts, you have distanced from yourself: from the truth in your heart and your actual Self. In your thoughts you are only in your head on the move, and not in your heart. Your thinking generates negative emotions and these create new negative thoughts and emotions. A true thoughts carousel that you can easily stop.

How to stop your thinking carousel and break the vicious lack based circle

1. Become aware of your “sense of lack-catalyzer”

You can track down your lack of thinking by consciously observing your communication. We all have various trained lack sets in our autopilot, which we replay unconsciously without paying attention to our feelings. Such sentences are e.g.:

  • “This is not my day”
  • “It'll never work out the way I wish it would.”
  • “It's always the same thing, I can't do it”
  • “The others will never make it.”
  • “This has never worked before.”
  • “I knew it would be like this.”
  • “No matter how I do it, it doesn't work.”
  • “Why does this have to happen to me?”

Such and similar stories will inspire our negative emotions and create further negative experiences. Everything we feel deeply or recall as repeated emotion, we attract from the outside.

3. Assume responsibility

Do you recognize your saboteurs? Your formulations, your “but” and “why”? How about you kick them out once and for all. They no longer belong to your team. Replace them with supportive, positive energies that ask you for possibilities. Ask yourself this:

  • Where do they come from?
  • How long do I know them?
  • Who have I believed these statements to and still do?
  • If I no longer believe them, why do I still say them?
  • How can I reformulate them positively?
  • What are the alternative points of view?

Be always aware of your thoughts and your communication: not the whole day, not the wrong side of the bed in the morning or the stars, nor the forthcoming full moon are responsible for your experience. You are responsible, for within you slumber these sentences, beliefs, and reactions. They interlock like gears if you don't exchange them.

Meanwhile, you know your endless creative power. With this, you not only create beautiful successes for yourself, but also your negative reality.

3. Concentrate on the abundance perspective

If you are aware of your deficiencies and know the sources, you also have many points of attack to uninstall them from your system. To do this, focus on the abundance perspective in each situation. Instead of repeating the old phrases: “always”, “never”, “everything” and similar absolutisms, use open questions:

  • What can I do in this situation to achieve my desired result?
  • What other causes could have led to this?
  • How can I still support the process?
  • What possibilities are available to me now?
  • What resources do I have today?
  • What is it good for that XY happened to me or what did I create it for?
  • How do I come to the conclusion that I could not do that?
  • What do I need to take the issue to the next level?

Can you feel the difference? Compare your statements with the questions or form suitable constructive questions to your concern: How do the negative and then the positive statements and questions both feel to you?

For this, go into yourself and perceive what the formulations trigger in you. Do you feel comfortable with absolutism or does your heart feel narrow? Does it hurt in your stomach or elsewhere?

How does an open specific question feel to you? Does it give you space for many possibilities and do you feel a pleasant vastness around your heart or even further? When you feel the truth — vastness and openness — your heart expands and you are with your true Self. There it may be and create something new.

If a statement feels tight and produces slight pain and discomfort, that is the untruth that your mind tells you. It tries everything to keep you away from the heart and to keep you in the familiar safety zone. Its stories are not true because they create fear. Your heart knows no fear, because the higher self dwells in it and knows your real path.

4. Dwell in the heart and so in the abundance of heart

Stay with you, in your heart. Feel the vastness of the possibilities it offers. In this endless field your true Self moves. Recognize restrictive emotions as meaningless because they are generated by thoughts. Thoughts out of the mind that does not know the big picture.

From now on, when you cultivate the open questions and the feeling of inner expanse, you strengthen your field of attraction for abundance. With an open heart and a wide view on things, you attract openness and possibilities — that's abundance. In them there is connection, wealth and success. They leave you infinite space for the how and what of your fulfillment.

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