Do you finally want to start your dream life and make your everyday life free and independent of place and time?

And are you really sure that you want to fight your way out into freedom, respectively that you want to make your way into your dream life?

That could mean: Out of all so-called securities and also restrictions, like e.g. permanent employment with regular income, fixed home, regular daily routine, financial dependencies perhaps on partner or family, little time for what you enjoy the most, little free time and only short holiday periods, and much more.

If you really want to live and work freely according to your own ideas, regardless of time and place, you will almost certainly have a longer and more intense journey ahead of you!

For your true path of life you need the clear direction of your true core

To sustain this intense path, it is elementary that you have ignited your inner pulling force. The power that truly defines you is what you are supposed to contribute to the world. It is your motor, your compass, your true direction, the direction of your true Self!

You will find this pulling force more and more once you have begun to uncover your core. It shows itself to you more and more because you form it yourself in this process of shaping your path.

It is the like of your true essence that drives you forward and every day cheerfully motivates you to get out of bed. This motivation of your essence lets you go through all the difficult phases when you doubt, take setbacks, explain yourself, wait for income or have to rethink your offers.

There are endless possibilities for difficulties that you will probably have to cope with if you want to follow your own true path.

Not the red carpet lies on your way, but rather rough cobblestones, over which you first stumble, but on which you then walk stronger and stronger.

And there are also endless possibilities, super beautiful and magical breakthroughs as well as personal moments of success, which you will probably also experience. Just be clear, your own real journey to freedom is intense and requires your full commitment.

This commitment forms in you as soon as you shell your true core and know more and more how you intend to show yourself in the world. When you know exactly what you want to and are able to offer to the world what this world absolutely needs from you!

This is a long-term process, yes, and not one that's overnight. So if you feel today that you want to do exactly that and now follow your own path, you are ready for your first step. And so, for these questions:

Are you ready for 14 essential questions?

Before you actually start to take your very own path and really authentically carry your real, natural, unique self-energy into the world, you should become clear about many things concretely.

Because you want to create your livelihood out of yourself, you also have to be successful.

And to achieve this, your inner clarity calls for at least these 14 essential questions about your free, place and time independent way of life according to your ideas:

Answer these questions and/or let me help you find answers in coaching:

A: Why do I want to get out of my permanent job and get into free time management and location?

This question seeks your true motives that actually drive you. Find them and be mercilessly honest. Check well whether they can come to your heart and carry you in the future.

B: Who am I as the person who lives and works independently of time and place?

Make yourself clear what you promise yourself in this future vision and why you see yourself there, or what you currently do not have and why. What is the lifestyle good for, for you? What profit do you expect from it and can you achieve it differently?

C: How exactly do I want to live there in my imagination and why?

Concretize your ideas, how you want to express yourself in this future vision and what your motives are for it. What makes you want to live like this and does it come from the heart or is it a decal of another person's life?

D: What do I wish to do there in order to be able to live so freely?

Now you may already have concrete ideas about how you want to work and earn your living, and you can ask yourself whether this is realistically possible. Do you want to do this because it suits you and your passion or because others are already doing it that way? Be sure that you only want to do what suits you.

E: What do I need to live this free? Resources: money, training, contacts, strategies, material (laptops, cameras, equipment?)

Reality check! Could you start now? Or do you still need equipment for this work? Can you buy it now or do you still have to raise money? And consider that you will keep enough additional savings on your account to support you for at least 1 year,
or longer through the construction phase of your new livelihood.

F: Where am I now and what do I still need to start this free dream life?

See what you can start with now to begin your journey: open up a savings account, think about your web domain, make a vision board and define the first steps and more.

G: How do I obtain what is missing and how long will it probably take me? Years, months?

Here you could consider how to get cheap equipment, used, from friends and family, through a side job and mark in your calendar by when you can realistically get the missing resources. Set small milestones if it takes longer. It doesn't have to be the underwater photo equipment in 5 years, but the first used camera in 3 months and the housing in 9 months, for instance.

H: Who are my target customers who will enable me to live my free life in the first place and do they really exist?

Think about who you would like to work with and who not. What do you enjoy about your customers, what annoys you? You can create your ideal customer if you know his or her exact characteristics and attitudes. Then, think about where you can find them: in the social media-groups, pages, channels or live at events, other platforms or maybe further trainings.

I: And then: What specific offer do I provide to my target customers?

If you know yourself exactly and your customers, you first develop a concrete offer, which really corresponds to you and exactly meets your target group. That's why your inner work comes first and foremost about your true self and its motives. If all this is clear, you can start developing offers.

J: Which leads to this question: Am I even clear what I really have to offer?

And here you go into yourself about what you have to offer, based on your own story. What motives have you had so far, what have your resources and possibilities been, your strengths, your obstacles like personal experiences that you had to go through or still have to go through? This way, you get a lot of information about what makes you special and what you can offer to whom.

K: What exactly do I have to offer and who am I to offer it?

If you are clearer about what your experiences are good for and what strengths you have to offer, you will go further into yourself. How can you transform these personal qualities, experiences, inclinations and desires into concrete offers and products, so that others also have something of this unique information and love to buy it? Here, you will surely remember your talents and favourite pastimes from childhood or your desires that you would have liked to see fulfilled for yourself and for others. There is a lot of truth in it about your why, why and what questions.

L: Which problems can I solve and which have I already solved for myself?

Go even further into your problem-solving strategies and become aware of where you have found which solutions out of yourself, and how and for what. What was your greatest passion and would you like to do this again, maybe helping others? You can show others what you have already solved and support them in finding their solutions because you know the way to the objective from your experience.

M: How do I treat these problems and transform them into positive goals that my target customers also want to achieve?

Communication about your work is also essential. It is not enough to say which problems you are solving. Let your clients see and feel what positive goals they can achieve through you and your unique blend of experience, values, skills and attitudes. And find the customers who are looking for those goals.

N: How long do I need for this work and what resources do I need for my start to reach the goal ?

Last but not least, make it clear how long it will take you to complete these homework tasks. This is the time, which has to pass, before you have really implemented your independent lifestyle according to your dreams and ideas. Ideally, you will already be making your first sales with your truly suitable customers.


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