Have you ever realized how you create your own sense of lack?

Are you ready to take responsibility and thus transform your poverty-consciousness?

Then, as the next step you will find concrete instructions on how to clarify your perception more and more every day, and how to open it to abundance.

Why true abundance can only come from your true self

You take responsibility for your poverty-consciousness by recognizing what creates the lack in your life: your focus on it. Instead, if you focus on the wealth that surrounds you, your brain learns to rethink by forming new supporting synapses.

In the process from the sense of lack into abundance, some stumbling blocks — beliefs and negative emotions and experiences — most likely get in your way that feed your poverty-consciousness. If you continually remove these, your field clears and opens to abundance. Now you get to know yourself better and what really fills your inner being, what really counts to you. You will find yourself in a more emotionally fulfilled state, from which you externally attract the appropriate, fulfilling situations.

If you don't know your true self and your needs, you won't know what truly fulfils you. In this way you continue to create sense of lack.

How does true fulfilment come about?

While it is individual what fulfils each of us, there are common denominators for all of us because we are the same natural beings.

So, no purchase of things can truly satisfy you. Things are not important to your spiritual heart and soul, but developmental experiences. Fulfilling is the transformation of your stumbling blocks through healing, because in this way it can reach its next level in its very own existence.

With healing more and more, your very own qualities and your true being come to light, and you have access to what really is important to you. In this long-term process from your own healing work, you clarify your inner space. The obstacle — negative — leaves and the helping — positive — comes:

  • Love and Connection
  • Commitment and Truthfulness
  • Clarity and Health
  • Consciousness and Responsibility
  • Creativity and the Spirit of Creation

How to turn lack based thinking into sense of abundance in 3 stages

First Stage

Be aware where you stand. Feel inside, which dialogues concern you and which body feelings block you. Are you happy or contrite, sad, frustrated? Do you feel relaxed and clear or tense, stressed and physically exhausted? Then go into yourself in peace and look at yourself, both inside and outside:

Inside: Who are you and what surrounds you?
  • Are you rich in talents that your parents gave you?
  • Or do you have rare talents and gifts that you do not use?
  • What do friends, family and colleagues appreciate about you?
  • What are you particularly good at, but keep it limited?
  • What do you like to do, but don't do it for a thousand reasons?

In other words: which numerous great gifts slumber within you while you do not live them?

Outside: How do you live?
  • In an apartment with many things — with great significance?
  • Do you need all the things that are in your home?
  • In a house with a garden?
  • Do you have a car, a bicycle, a boat?
  • A pet, nice neighbours or don't you know your neighbours?
  • Do you travel or do you pursue a hobby?
  • Do you feel happy in your job or home office?

Don't you have too much that you can't utilize? Where is your lack? You live in great abundance, but you probably don't notice it because you let yourself be stressed by situations that seem negative to you. Your head is blocking your way into your heart.

Second Stage

From now on, make yourself aware several times a day of what you have in your abundance: numerous talents and gifts and far too many things you don't use. Remember your works of art from your childhood and what you loved so much at that time. Feel this wealth within you and what you have already created for yourself on the outside. Do you now perceive your great creative power? You have already created so much and bring so much good into this world, which makes a great life possible for you.

If you are truly aware of all this — infinite talents, gifts, abilities, skills, behavioural possibilities, communication skills, arithmetic and artistic skills, and the ability to manifest — let this feeling sink for a long time. This is how it integrates into your nervous system. And be proud of yourself! Be happy about your inner wealth, which can always create wealth on the outside!

You may feel it immediately: Gratitude. Thank thee and your being, doing, creating. Thank your family of origin for the conditions, thank your environment, friends, challengers and everyone who has made you who you are. Gratitude is the key to fulfilment and abundance.

Third Stage

Stick with it. This third step underlines the importance of long-term integration. Practise cultivating your consciousness and gratitude every day — for the rich and richly gifted being you are. Are there more of your own wonderful qualities that have navigated your life so far?

Maybe you remember them from your childhood. But then they seemed to have disappeared. In reality, those qualities that really make you unique have always remained with you. However, they have slipped into the subconscious. Now perceive them again, because they correspond to your true self and bring you on your path.

Keep it that way. Do this awareness exercise daily and feel more every day how great you are and how many possibilities (wealth) you have in life. This recognition comes directly from your heart.

Everything that is true you will find in your heart and everything that is negative, your ego will tell you. Live more in your heart and follow your joy, your path of fulfilment.

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