Do you know your true core?

What really defines you and so many things you are able to do without knowing it?

What you can achieve in this life and even more?

Do you have any ideas why you are here, how you can get involved in this world to change it?

What important part of the puzzle do you think you are on the whole?

Big questions?

Simply quite natural questions to us, because we are also part of nature?

Would you like to get to know your true nature or get to know it better and deeper? Would you like to know how far your magnificence reaches and how you can make your contribution — with your very individual mixture of being that you are? A good time for this is now, and you can achieve it with your first step. Start your journey of inward discovery and unleash what really sets you apart and is so strong that you become unstoppable because you create your very own true path — inspired by your true core and uniqueness that others desperately need!

“If you want to be fast, walk slowly.” * (Chinese proverb)

To be slowly is the magic word.


  • Because your body needs its time for change.
  • Because you discover yourself in phases and steps over a longer period of time.
  • Because you will transform your blockages and restrictive belief systems one by one.
  • Because you do not receive all information at once, but in parts, as soon as you are ready for it.
  • Because you are slowly approaching the compressed information that is still unknown to your consciousness.

Mindfulness is the key to yourself.

Now, to uncover the true parts of your uniqueness, perceive yourself very finely. That is, what mindfulness makes possible. And what is meant here is a particularly deep mindfulness, which is directed exclusively inwards and does not take place outwards.

This technique is successfully used in trauma therapy, for example in Somatic Experiencing (SE). Traumas arise because the experience is perceived as too much, too sudden and too fast. So, all overwhelming information is stored as a compressed block in the system, where if possible no one can reach. For good reason, because this is a wonderful protective function of your body.

One day, however, you are ready to let the subject or parts of it be in your consciousness. And then a suitable application that supports this, will take hold of you. Nothing works before.

In the SE, for instance, these information blocks dissolve very gently step by step because you approach them very slowly and very carefully. The thing that appears first is the information that you are now ready to look at first. And so it goes on, bit by bit and shell by shell…

Because you remove these blockages and disturbing attitudes, you clarify the field around your true core. You clear it of stumbling blocks and barriers because you do this more and more, your true self can really come to light. It is no longer pushed back by warning voices and emotions. It can finally begin to show itself  — and you finally get to know it: Yourself.

What you discover in this process over time is very useful in everyday life.

Here are 10 effects that you can experience when you begin to carefully release your true core

  1. You will immediately feel more possibilities to create, choose and act.
  2. You will behave accordingly differently — calmer, more joyful, more relaxed — because you are aware of the space you have gained
  3. In your environment new possibilities and magical moments suddenly appear that fit your true path
  4. You perceive your surroundings with a sharpened inner eye and recognize similarities
  5. You will recognize your true motives and beliefs bit by bit over time
  6. You are more and more aware of your own projections on people and situations and recognize your responsibility for them
  7. You take responsibility for the way you feel and behave
  8. You feel new reaction possibilities in the contact with others, which are lovingly binding instead of separating you from them
  9. You become aware of further pieces and shells, the context of which you can recognize and assign to
  10. The process of this self-healing is now in constant progress and you only need to actively process and cultivate your perception for it

Maybe you already know some of the effects from your own process. Wonderful! You are on your way! And if you have now decided to uncover your real core — even more wonderful, because you are now on your way!

This is exactly what our world needs — responsible people like you who are ready to live their magnificence and inspire others!

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