Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise? The early bird catches the worm? Are you the most efficient in the morning? Breakfast is the most important meal? Don't worry, I don't want to bore you with these old beliefs :-). Rather, I invite you here to sensitive yourself to your individual well-being in the morning.

Notice how you start the day best and most of all preferably! Do you like to glide slowly into the day or do you need some yoga exercises right after waking up? If you know yourself well, you can develop a morning routine that will start the day with great pleasure. And even better: You have the best chances to experience the whole day joyfully and easily.

Here you will find 3 ways to start your day stunningly and harmoniously:

Option 1: Travel into your Self before taking care of everything else

Because you are the person with whom you spend your whole day, it would be nice to greet the day with yourself, wouldn't you? How about starting every day by visiting yourself and experiencing how you are there today and what you need or wish for? Find a quiet and comfortable place and make yourself comfortable so that you feel good in your inner self. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Let go of everything.

Anything else tweaking or pinching? Or is everything connected and ready for your journey into your Self?

Now coordinate with your question this morning. What is it? Usually you feel it quite quickly because your inner being immediately sends you messages as soon as you pay attention to it.

Some questions could be these:
  • How do you feel today?
  • What do you wish for today?
  • How would I like to experience the day today?
  • How would I like to feel today in situation XY?
  • How would I like to feel at the end of the day?
Or you yield to your desires, which come into your consciousness:
  • I would like to be in a good contact today.
  • Today I wish to see signs of more clarity in the ambivalence of XYZ.
  • Or how do I reach it to feel deeply calm all the time today?

As individual as you are, so may the inner questions and statements that come to your mind in this exercise be. You may see pictures and small films in front of your inner eye. Or emotions unload, which immediately relieve you and inspire you for the day.

Focus your attention on your inner Self until you have answered your question and clearly know how you want to experience your reality today. This inner alignment will give you a target assignment for this day. This is how you start to reach this goal. Everything in you concentrates on fulfilling your wish.

Your journey into your Self ideally ends with a tidy inner feeling of being good with you and ready for the day. Only when you have this harmonious feeling of being in accordance with yourself, you are ready to take care of everything else: your WhatsApp-Messages and emails or other first things in the morning.

Please keep this inner loving mode all day long as possible. Throughout the day, reconnect with your morning goal or wish from time to time and feel inside yourself how far you have come. Haven't some things already happened outside that have given you answers and taken you further?

Option 2: Classic morning meditation

Maybe you would like to retreat to a meditation in the morning and set your clock for it?

If you are this type, this ritual may put you in a power-fueled day mode. Reserve your fixed time in your daily calendar and don't let anything or anyone interrupt you. Set a time, such as an hour, to meditate while exploring your inner being.

You may reach deep-seated blockages and unload the attached emotions efficiently. Be especially mindful with yourself in this process by being caring and patient with yourself. Take your time and explore if there is anything you want to push aside. In this phase, you do well to allow this feeling as well because right now you are in the right sensitivity for it and can load another package off your shoulders.

As soon as you feel peaceful tranquillity with your inner being, you have successfully dissolved this blockade. Congratulations! An ideal starting point to slowly return to the here and now and start your day in a relaxed way. With the same inner harmony as in the first ritual you are caring with yourself and have your energy around you in order to use it specifically for your goals.

Such morning inner purification rituals are worth their weight in gold because they have a profound healing effect on your original topic. They continue to strengthen in your system throughout the day and bundle your energy in your favour. Usually you feel this all day long as inner peace and vastness even in tense situations.

Option 3: Date with yourself — flexible now and then

Because we are all individual and not everyone is made for a strict morning meditation, you may not be a type for it. In that case you can have your date with yourself flexible in between, whenever it flows into your day and your channels are open for it.

You may not always be in a state in the morning to spend an hour or two dealing with your current feelings. Sometimes it works on the way to your favourite place and on other days you sit there for 20 minutes and don't receive any real message. That can depend on many variables. Pressure doesn't help here. It is rather your perception that shows that now is not the time to explore your inner being.

Just let it flow to you later. You will feel the right moment and find a quiet place. That can be at work, on the bus, the train or in the long lines at the cashier. On this date, ground yourself well again, whether you are standing or sitting, and feel what message drifts upwards. Maybe an answer to a question you asked months ago or a solution you wished for yesterday.

You can take a break at any time and also clarify your issues in small steps and shorter periods of time, or simply feel yourself to connect with your true essence.

Do it as often as you like, but really take the time, daily and over and over again. This way you really change your issues in a solution-oriented way. Which means that with your attention and mindfulness you dissolve, transform and improve them step by step for yourself.

No matter how you do it, but give yourself this immensely important time with yourself every day. This will cultivate your self-love effectively and in the long run. The ritual supports your happiness, improves your health, and increases your vibrations, which draw more and more fullness into your life.

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