How can you really be sure what your calling of the heart is and whether the calling really comes from your heart?

“Follow your heart” is a good intention because your heart acts in your interest.
In your interest concrete means: for your highest well-being. What in turn belongs to your highest good, is you, as long as you constantly follow the path of your destiny with the obstacles and challenges lying on it. Because they belong to your path, so that you can really shape it in your way. If you avoid these challenges, you can deviate from the path or put it into cold storage. This is probably shown by difficult life phases, lack of success and simply an unhappy basic feeling with many nuances and causal entanglements.

Thus, if your heart is your inner guide for your highest well-being, it does not pull you away from your challenges. Your ego then does that with a feeling of fear. A fear that sends you your experiences and thoughts that want to protect you. What then usually happens is a flight reflex. You feel the need for course correction, retreat, detour and the like. As a reason for this correction, the change of behaviour, we usually think: “I only follow my heart and choose this way now”. No, surely you are not following your heart here, but let the ego guide you. It is actually your task to go through this challenge in order to grow from it. The one who withdraws from it, acts against his highest well-being.

How not to confuse your heart's calling with the calling of your ego

In other words, your greatest well-being is not your comfort zone. It rather contains a quick feeling of well-being, your simple comfort. That's a big difference! When the choice for the short term comfortable way proves to be wrong, you feel mostly already after short time. If you perceive a kind of inner limitation or a very slight sad longing, you know that you have limited yourself instead of expanding. But maybe you also feel quite comfortable like “sitting comfortably in your shell” where it seems to be safe. What now seems helpful is literally illusion because with that, you have interrupted your natural growth. As trees and other plants go into stagnation in winter, you sit in your comfort zone without accepting new challenges.

When it feels very pleasant at first because you don't have to feel fear any more, you might think you were following your heart because you are doing yourself something good....aren't you? However, here you are not following your heart, but the warning call of your ego that wants to protect you from pain and danger. Wherever fear hides in the background, and we seek an alternative path, we follow our ego, not our heart. It is not wrong to listen to your ego. It serves you excellently! But it does not lead you on your true path, which is completely your own because it is simply your natural destiny. Your ego always leads you into safety and retreat.

So don't use your wonderful heart as an excuse to escape from challenges. It is your only 100 % confidant on your true path of life. It also deserves and needs your full attention so that you really recognize its call and do not confuse it with the calling of your ego.

How do you recognize the calling of your heart?

A: Your heart sometimes pulls you so strongly in one direction that you feel your fear but don't let it hold you back. Even if you are afraid, you do not retreat into your shell, but simply know that this is the direction you have to go. No matter what might disturb you on the path or what you have to give up for it. You will feel a clear tension in your heart and all around, as if a small world opens up and moves forward.

B: The signs are not always so intense and certainly also individual because everyone feels differently. What is repeatedly perceived as a clear heart signal, however, is the calm expansion of the heart. A comfortable spreading in the whole chest and beyond indicates something very correct for itself. You can perceive the lightness in it and perhaps notice that you suddenly smile softly.

C: When your heart calls you in one direction, it expands. When it warns, it contracts. This does not mean that the direction is wrong. Here it is only a matter of looking more closely at what exactly your heart is reacting to with contraction. Perhaps only a part of the whole is meant. Because the path you truly want to go is rarely clear in 5 minutes, it is important in the long run to always feel exactly where you are going and why. The Why shows you exactly what would fulfil you in this part of the way.

For example: you have been dreaming for so long of living on a certain island and settling there with a suitable offer. The imagination will make you feel a wide heart and you could fly away immediately. Since there are certainly dozens of other places in the world where you could settle, it is worth taking a closer look here:

What do you feel most comfortable with? And how exactly do you feel with these inner pictures?

  • At the thought of selling your products online under palm trees at constant 30°?
  • Or is it the access to daily kitesurfing, diving, sailing?
  • Or would you like to grow your own exotic fruits and eat organic food?
  • Is it the sea that attracts you — and what in particular? Waves, corals, depths, big fish, white beaches without going swimming?
  • Does it have to be an island or is a warm mainland enough for you?
  • Would you like to live where others spend their holidays and for what purpose?
  • And which people would you like to meet on the island? Do they really exist there?

The list of questions is as endless as your dreams can ever be. In order not to go astray, ask more questions and pay attention to the quality of the messages your heart sends you. Probably you'll find here various partial aspects, which you have once saved as good for yourself and regard them as fulfilled at this place. Or you will soon realize that some aspects will not be fulfilled there and thus, question your heart calling.

One thing is for sure a good signpost: to recall your heart's desires again and again and in different situations and to find out how you feel about them. The more you feel constantly comfortably extended in the chest area, the more the triggering aspect is part of your truthfulness. If the intensity, quality and quantity of this feeling change over time, aspects of the direction of desire have changed and maintain probably attachments that the ego once has created.

A true call of the heart that brings you on your path is rarely loud, but constantly perceptible. It becomes an inner compass and makes you smile from the bottom of your heart at every thought of it 😊.

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