If you don't know what to choose — you better move here or stay there, or do the job or continue to work on your project — and your carousel of thoughts spins faster and faster, simply press the stop button. Stop!

You are just not connected to your real Being and Self! Your mind can never know what the right decision or the best next step is. It just speculates and tells you more and more fictional stories that you already know.

Instead, it's now about feeling. What does your heart say? How does your body feel right now? I bet it squeezes, pinches and squeezes at some corners and ends, when you are so much pondering. Notice that and let it happen. Your body needs exactly this attention to calm down because your head makes you feel all the stress that is not at all necessary.

Try these 3 levels to get you out of thought carousels and find your path in a natural way:

Step 1: Accept how You are right now

In this phase you realize that you don't know anything any more and certainly not at all, which direction you should choose now. Your thoughts first tie up your throat and then close the whole chest. This is at the latest the moment to press the stop button. Press STOP! Now feel yourself. Everything stops rotating, you sit comfortably on your chair and perceive your body. Maybe your breathing will get deeper now and more relaxed, your legs drop, your shoulders sink and your head wants lean back. Whatever your impulse is, just follow it.

If thoughts come, push them away. Or put them in an imaginary box. You can still look at them later. Now you sit there and you are. Continue to perceive your body, close your eyes and feel deeper into yourself. Follow your body signals. Maybe your feet want to stand differently on the floor or your arms want to be more comfortable. Correct everything that feels good for you. And let it have an effect.

Step 2: Perceive your Inner Messages

Inside lies all your wisdom. All answers are inside you. All you have to do is feel them and see what message comes. If you continue to sit relaxed in your chair and there is no pressure or pinching anywhere, just ask yourself about your concern: What should I decide for? Which way is the right one? How do I want to live or work? Whatever your question is. And keep feeling what your body signals to you.

Do pictures appear, inner films, wishes, dreams? And how do you feel while perceiving these visual messages? Does your heart become wide, does it contract? Do body parts become active again or do they continue to rest — like the legs. Do they relax or do they pull themselves up? Everything that contracts in your body signals disharmony with your true self.  A heart that contracts, tells you, that it is not for you. A leg that pulls itself up or pushes to the side and goes into action tells you I have to do something to be right, so you have to bend instead of being right.

What you want to find in the feeling is the inner expansion, which will take you into an even deeper relaxation. When you feel your heart open wide at a certain inner image, you're here on your way. That belongs to you. That can be any detail or only one as well as the whole picture. That is the best moment to write down what exactly is good for you and why. So you get more and more information about what you really want. Namely, from the inside out, your true essence that you are. Not from your mind, which is just a small part of your body and doesn't know the truth.

Step 3: Give Yourself time until Your direction reveals itself

What you may have tried for the first time in Step 2, keep going. Incorporate these feeling phases into everyday life and cultivate this connection inwardly. Because your body has its own rhythm of metabolizing information and sending messages to you when you're ready to receive them. Your mind cannot control this. So give yourself up to this feeling state regularly and let it be perceived. Without repressing something that your mind considers uncomfortable.

With the time that you regularly connect with your true self in mindful being, the directions you will take unfold all by themselves. Through the connection with yourself in which you search for the right information, you initiate the process of receiving it — sometimes immediately, sometimes delayed.

Stay connected with your “search order” in everyday life and see if you already receive small messages about it from the inside. Do emotions come up that hinder the truth? Do they have to be transformed before your question can be answered from the inside? (Please also read my tips on how to process them yourself... here) Or do you suddenly get a good feeling in a situation from the inside out that lets you clearly recognize why you want it like that? And then you could ask yourself whether you will have this good feeling also in the future situation A or B or not. Such a portion of information already brings you closer to your later decision.

Let this process take its natural course in you. The complete decision will be made by itself with many pieces of the puzzle of your desires and needs and will reveal itself to you at the right moment. Trust in your natural connection to your true destiny. It can only show itself to you.

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