What is it about the true Self and why is it important at all? If you ask yourself the same question, you are already further ahead than so many other people who never ask themselves this question and perhaps do not wonder why they feel unfulfilled or constantly dissatisfied and tired.

I directly ask you: What is it that makes you wake up joyfully every morning and start your day with a feeling of happiness? Do you have such a feeling of happiness every morning? Or when do you have such a feeling in the morning when you wake up — only on vacation, on weekends or only on holidays?

If you feel so good only on days off, then change your life. And don't stop before you are happy every single day about the fact that you can be what you want to be today, with things you love to do and to shape your day as you like to!

What does it actually mean to be really You and what is it good for?

I'll give you 3 ideas that have become clearer to me over the time:

1. Being Yourself means being allowed to be

To truly be in the Self is first and foremost a state in which you are in your natural being. If without thinking, you are just being. You don't have to do anything, you don't have to pretend and do nothing, you just have to be here and now. In this deeply relaxed being you are allowed to be yourself quite naturally. And your Self has no label. No name, no age, no profession, no role and above all it doesn't have to do anything.

What it is good for to be your natural Self is revealed in the feeling that you have about it. This is usually deeply peaceful and has its inner place where it expands and gives you endless inner peace. Because you can be now, just as you are. You can easily get into this state by truly immersing into your Self and simply letting everything be what it is. If you can put yourself in this state, it simply is good for your health, your joy of life and your success in life.

2. True success comes from Your true Self

If you are really in harmony with what, who and how you are, you automatically bring your true qualities into the world. Everything that defines you and not what others expect from you. If you implement your projects, tasks, ideas from within yourself, they carry your personal handwriting and the message of your heart. An honest message received by those who long for this message and need it for their next step. So here two sides meet at the truest heart level and merge truthfully.

That this connection is more powerful than any contract made out of a belief of having to is obvious. That such a connection of sincere exchange of information, concerns, emotions, dreams and desires is truly successful is also obvious. Be truly yourself and experience true success that really fills you.

3. To be truly Yourself is to be truly free

Do you know the feeling of always being driven? Something you still have to do before you can relax? How about just stopping now and letting everything be? What would it be like to do something then, when it arises from inside and wants to be expressed now? And what would it be like to do only things that come out of your inner being and form outside into something that is somehow yours and is you? A state in which you choose and create yourself, at your own pace and on your own terms?

Then you are really free and live in harmony with your inner power, your life energy and your parts, which want to show themselves in their originality. If you are allowed to express yourself that way and make room for it, you will grow inexorably. Because with your creation of your space, more and new space is created in which you can unfold more and more and express yourself freely in channels of your choice. In this state, what you create comes into being. You create your unique path completely free. Does that sound good to you?

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