When people around you give you advice on how best to shape your life, it usually doesn't go together with your own idea of it. Maybe you get carried away and explain to them in detail your idea of your dream life and get a lack of understanding. If you then receive numerous reasons why your idea of your dream life cannot work, it is time to retreat. You don't have to share your ideas.

Here are 5 reasons why it can even be elementary for you to keep your vision for yourself or just share it with people who support your lifestyle because they have already reached it themselves:

1. Because YOU are you and the others are not

You are unique and therefore only you know your heart's call, your desires and dreams. Only you know why you take this or that path. If you listen to your heart and follow this call, you are well advised for your whole life. Your heart is like a compass because it knows what is right. So trust in your pathfinder and your power that will lead you into a meaningful and fulfilled life that truly corresponds to your uniqueness. Other people have their own purpose in life and cannot know yours. So just listen inward, instead of outward, and stay on the path that comes naturally through you.

2. Others can easily distract you

If it is stormy on your path, you may feel insecure, weakened and question the whole thing. Then you might seek the advice of others or someone with whom you can simply share your doubts, worries and needs. That is OK, but be careful and attentive. When others advise you to turn back or compromise, listen within. What do you feel? Resistance and excitement? Calmness and strength? Sadness and resignation? Does something trigger that you were not yet aware of? (More about that in another blog article).

Den Tag reflektieren und zu mehr Achtsamkeit gelangen

Triggers are worth exploring deeper because they are tasks on your true path. What seems simple now probably takes you in a different direction because everything that looks like a safe haven is often an escape from the uncomfortable unknown. Don't let uncomfortable times get in the way of your path, but let them get you there. They really take you further. Remember your destination and how you will feel there.

3. Other people can take away your belief

Just as they can distract you, other people can also take away your belief that you are on the right true path. If you only listen long enough to the opinions of others who have never gone the way you go, there is a good chance that you will go off your path and go theirs. When your belief in yourself is shaken, you move away from your compass and again seek the safe haven that is not in your direction. Therefore, always trust yourself and your compass, the call of your heart, and remember every day WHY you are walking this path. It is best to write it down every day and question your motives anew. This strengthens and strengthens your belief in yourself.

4. Other people advise you from their experience, not from your vision

When other people in your environment “advise” your idea of a dream life, they do so from their experience. Their inner images and emotions motivate them to their point of view. Because they are not on your path, they simply cannot imagine it. And now you can imagine how helpful their advice can be to you. People also give us their view of things for their own benefit. This happens rather unconsciously. Somehow they resonate with your topic and seek clarity for themselves in it. Of course this distorts the benefit for you enormously! Make yourself aware that the things that others say to you first have something to do with themselves but not with you. Notice what it has to do with you and only work with that. Every new contact is also a learning about yourself and your growth. And then: dream and continue to create your path!

5. If fear is the engine for the advice of others, trust yourself consciously

Fear is one of our most powerful motives in life when we are travelling in our heads. Look at the avoidance strategies of those who want to support you with their advice. Do they act from the heart or do they advise out of rational thinking? Does everything always have to have a net and double bottom or do they already know their flow? The opposite of fear is trust. Trust in the universe in which you can go your own protected path and learn your lessons. We are all safe here and can devote ourselves to the big picture and the reason for our existence in this life. Consciously go into being and let the magic fill your life.

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