Fears are a big issue for all of us. In moments of fear we usually don't ask ourselves if our fear is real. For us it is very real at this moment of fear!

And this, indeed, is already the first step towards relaxation: reality check! Are you in real danger right now? Nowadays this is usually not the case, the way we are living. No wild animal wants to attack us and also otherwise our environment gives us no real reason for fear. And yet it is there: deep inside us.

Fear has its justification. It is one of our primal emotions that warns us, protects us and keeps us in our safe comfort zone. If, however, it becomes so powerful that we adopt an avoidant lifestyle and only go the ways that seem safe to us, we should definitely concern ourselves with fear. It can become our inner control and distract us from our true path. It prevents us from living our full potential or leads us on many detours or even wrong ways.

With this technique you can dissolve your fear yourself lastingly.

In this article I would like to recommend some simple tips and techniques on how to deal with this fear and let it go forever. Forever means changing the specific anxiety topic forever so that the anxiety can be removed. This can be: Fear of authority, of restriction, constancy, attachment, people, animals, conflicts, even fear of fear itself.

Whatever your fear cause is, trust that you can resolve it yourself. Because at some point you yourself unconsciously assigned it to a certain event, adhered to it. At that time you perceived it as “threatening”. and assigned it to “fear”. Every similar event or similar parts of this event cause the same fear and let you react the same way (e.g.: you are speechless, freeze, go away, etc.). Unconscious and highly human mechanisms.

Step-by-step instructions to let go your anxiety

The good news: You can break this cycle yourself, for example with this technique:

Step 1: Find a suitable place for yourself

Find a comfortable, quiet place to be. Take about 1 hour, sit down carefully so that nothing tweaks or pinches any more. Your whole body should feel completely comfortable in its posture and surroundings. Pillows and blankets can support you. The cuddly atmosphere gives you an all-round sense of security.

Step 2: Be mindful of your inner self

Now close your eyes and feel yourself. Observe whether you feel that secure and sitting comfortably and correct any small postures of your back, foot, arm or other parts of your body. If everything fits, slowly think of your anxiety. Let it be there. What comes to your mind? An event? A sentence? A meaning? A human being? A country?

Which information package is at the top now? Here it can happen that a fleeing impulse comes up, which you exercise again and again. Follow every feeling and every picture, everything that now slips from the inside into consciousness. Maybe you feel helpless, powerless or at the mercy of others. Allow this feeling too.

Everything you allow now leaves your body system immediately and forever. If you feel tears coming up, please let them come up. They are a blessing because they release much and long held pressure from your body. That alone is so healing for your system.

Step 3: Take your time and feel the new freedom

Have you allowed everything to come to your attention on the subject of fear? Keep feeling inside and let the discharge continue for a minute. Depending on the intensity of the discharge, you will probably feel the great relief now. All the pressure is out and inside your space increases. You take up more space, your space.

Perhaps you are now noticing the new freedom, which you have gained a bit more, because you no longer have to carry this burden. Now you are also one step closer to your true Self. One stumbling block less on your way means that you can occupy more space for yourself.

What is shown here in short steps can be an intense process. It depends on your issue. So to try it out, start with a small topic and proceed carefully step by step. You can leave the process at any time if it feels uncontrollable to you. You can also go into and out of the process. Play a little with the intensity of the emotions.

Then leave the setting with the positive feeling of new freedom and relief that you have experienced. Each new relieving feeling is already a milestone for your nervous system.

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