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Do you finally want to live freely and fulfilled without any limiting patterns and emotions? 

How about trusting in your greatest vision and starting to make it happen?

Focus on your vision, discover your natural being and abilities, delete your hindering patterns from your old early life traumas and walk your own unique path.


Well, on the way you face old issues. But don't worry, we are clearing your way together, so that you reach even farer than you could have imagined before.

Your result: living happily and fulfilled being aligned with your true self & the world!

Want to know, who supports you?

I am Marianne and you: 

What can I support you with?

"Feel the magic of life" in your origin water & rich tropical nature to connect with your true essence.


In the Retreat you get everything in one!

Here you have time just for yourself. Time and space to be yourself and to get to know yourself better in depth.

In the retreat “Live the magic of life” you connect with your very self. You will discover your inner “stumbling blocks” such as hindering emotions, beliefs, patterns that prevent you from leading your desired life and from truly and deeply fulfilling joy.

Start your liberated dream life with the most efficient dream holiday you can book!

"Live the Magic of life"

In warm water the body relaxes and gently releases blocked emotions.

Aquatic flow

Aquatic Flow
Contacting your origin

Dip into your origin water in the Aquatic Flow and you will be immediately with you.

In the body-warm water you relax on all levels. Gentle movements help to release blockades. You internalize the lightness and security in your body system and integrate lasting well-being.

Aquatic Flow is non-invasive and therefore more effective than any other therapeutic body work.

Start enjoying now.

With the first step
into your conscious being
you will rewrite your destiny

Energy Flow

It just works better with support!

If you are not sure about the next steps or just want to play through your ideas - you are right in the Energy Flow coaching.

Here things often sort themselves out by themselves. Accompanied by me as your trained coach, you get crucial impulses for your path.

So you're actually already at the goal: on your heart's path. Because you already realize it in the Energy Flow Coaching!

Let yourself be accompanied now.

Energy Flow Coaching
Inspiration for your heart's path

I found your attention wonderful which I felt throughout the entire program. Even if I kept hanging up, the next corresponding email came,  woke me up and made me think again. The video lessons were a wonderful experience. I felt as safe and secure as in the Aquatic Flow. It was very exciting to feel the exact blockages and symptoms and to work with the associated thought patterns and pictures. It was a very pleasant treatment and compared to other therapies, quick results were felt. I was able to solve very old patterns. Following the messages of the heart is not that easy since the mind and ego are often much louder. With a lot of sensitivity and genuine sympathy on your part,
I felt in good hands.

Conny, 42, Berlin, about Energy Flow

I had an aquatic healing massage with Marrianne in 2013 while she was doing her apprenticeship on the Big Island of Hawaii. Marianne has a caring gentleness mixed with amazing skillfulness which helped transform my stress and worries into deep relaxation and bliss. This effects of her water healing massage lasted not only during the session, but for several weeks after. As a matter of fact, I discovered some very disturbing news related to my work after I had returned home that day, and my partner observed how relaxed, calm, and ok I was after hearing about that disturbing news; and this surprised him a great deal because in the past I had felt stressed out from hearing bad news related to my work. It was then that I realized how powerful this work was in relation to emotional well being and on the nervous system.

Fabienne, 35, Big Island Hawaii, about Aquatic Flow

"Words really cannot describe in whole what I experienced during my water session… Enlightening, yet uplifting and comforting experience.
Subsequent days were somewhat interesting with dreams, feelings and attitudes of all kinds.  Since being back I have felt better than I have in a very long time.  Questions, thoughts or concerns are being answered by channeling through my healer.  Thank you Marianne!  I will  see you soon with many more individuals that need their way found again...."

Natasha, 42, about Energy Flow & Aquatic Flow

(picture taken right after an Aquatic Flow session)

I met Marianne when I was holidaying in the beautiful south-east coast of Dominca and immediately liked her. She is a matter of fact person who I felt very comfortable with. When I heard that she did aqua-based therapy sessions I was intrigued and decided to try one.
Having not much of a clue as to what to expect, I kept my mind open and body relaxed. And seriously, it was one of the most amazing experiences!
​I am a chronic thinker, but with this session I easily slipped into a state of wonderful relaxation, while also really enjoying the sensation of being swirled gently and expertly through water. I don't want to spoil the surprise because it's a delicous experience and no doubt it would be a bit different for everyone, but basically I didn't want it to end and if it was possible I would be getting these sessions regularly!
​I'm already trying to plan my return trip, all the way from Australia."

Marian, 34, über Aquatic Flow

Thank you so so much for everything that you've shown and shared with me over the last few days. For the first time in my life I truly believe in myself. I absolutely trust in the forces that are guiding me. 
​I feel free to love, be happy and to follow my path free of guilt and pain. Thanks to you I feel lightened of a burden I never even knew that I carried and with that I feel a deep shift in my psyche. Thank you so much you are amazing and I will remember these days forever!! Thank you again so much. You are an incredible healer and a wonderful coach!

Elisa, 32, über Coaching und Aquatic Flow

I myself was surprised and I could let myself entirely relaxed being moved around through Marianne within the rhythm of the water. But I did not feel any need to move myself around in the water. Instead I needed to be guided and be held by Marianne, which she realized with a great understanding.
The guided movements from Marianne I sensed as very relaxing and calming down. I did not feel insecure or unwell in any second and could myself let go entirely, because the movements of Marianne were perfectly synchronically with my breathing rhythm. Once in a while I could entirely go under and focus in the sense of the meditation only on my breathing and the nice feeling to be held in the water. Marianne is a recommendable good, clear and empathic coach.

Ursula, 48, über Aquatic Flow

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