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Hi, I am Marianne

You meet me here because you desire ease, abundance and fulfilling bliss for your life. You want to transform your deep unclarity and dissatisfaction into a meaningful life contributing your natural healing gifts. 

Well for that you are right here! As I have walked this path for many years, you will benefit from my experience and knowledge in my highly efficient guidance, In a few months you will be from 0 to 100 - I promise!

Clarity, joy, relief and fulfillment grow in you from the first moment in my exclusive and individual coaching programs. 

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What clients say

"Marianne Böhm, thanks to you for the lessons and healing. Wow! I escaped with all things being the true me! Forever grateful!"

Laura, 52, Costa RIca

"I discovered that I didn't know how to use my connection to my feeling and so I learned to make decisions from my heart/feeling, which gives me a lot of confidence and ease.

I have discovered the causes of my old behavior patterns and can now intervene before I fall into them. I also got to know myself even more and know what is important to me in life and see my path more clearly before me. I am even more honest and direct than before, which brings more clarity on all sides.

I have achieved my breakthroughs because I have learned to listen to myself and to see where which Walter needs my attention. Also by listening to my inner self (feeling/heart), by taking more time for myself and meditations and by the routines and constant connecting with me."

Walter, 40, Bulgaria

"Words really cannot fully describe what I experienced during my session. An enlightening, yet uplifting and comforting experience. 

Since my return I feel better than I have felt in a long time. Thank you very much, Marianne!  We will see you soon with many more people who have to find their way again... ."

Natasha, 42, Dominica W.I.

"I found your attention wonderful to feel throughout the entire program. Even though I kept being stuck, the corresponding email came that woke me up again and made me think. The video lessons were a wonderful experience. I felt as safe and secure as I did with Aquatic Flow. 

It was a very pleasant treatment and compared to other therapies, I could feel quick results. I was able to resolve very old patterns. With a lot of sensitivity and real sympathy from your side, I felt in good hands.

C.B., Berlin

"I had a water treatment with Marianne in 2013. Marianne has a caring gentleness mixed with amazing dexterity that has helped turn my stress and worries into deep relaxation and bliss.

The effects of her treatment lasted not only during the session, but for several weeks afterwards. I was very surprised, because in the past I had felt stressed when I had trouble in everyday life.

That's when I realized how good this water treatment was for my emotional well-being and nervous system".

Fabienne, 35, Big Island Hawaii

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